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10 (September) Events in Hamilton You Might Not Have Seen

 Events in Hamilton

10 Events in Hamilton, Happening This Month That You “Might Not Have Seen”!


People often ask me, “How do you keep up with all the Events in Hamilton and surrounding areas?” And I always (I mean, always) answer with “Well, Brüha…duh”. Like anyone else, however, sometimes I miss out on cool local events because people might be too scared to promote it or even talk about it. This seems a little crazy when you think about it. Unless it’s a completely private function, you should want to promote your Event and share the experience with the public and those around you.

And that’s exactly why I choose to use (and love) Brüha.

The online event discovery and ticketing platform, along with their Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog (which is what you’re reading right now!) is here to help you explore and stay connected. It’s meant for the smaller and medium sized event professionals, and those looking for more localized experiences. So if you’re ever wondering “What the heck is there to do tonight?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 Events in Hamilton happening this September that you might not have seen or heard of. Until now, that is.


Wine & Jazz Wednesdays

Started August 31

(Repeats every Wednesday until November 2nd 2016)

6pm – 10pm

Admission: Free (19+ Only)

Address: Radius Restaurant – 151 James St South Hamilton, ON


Nick Wallace Upstairs

Starts September 14th 2016

(Repeats every Wednesday until October 19th 2016)

8pm – 9:30pm

Admission: $15

Address: Staircase Café Theatre – 27 Dundurn St N, Hamilton ON


Fossil Display

September 17th  – 18th  2016

(Repeats every weekend until October 9th 2016)

10am – 3pm

Admission: Free

Parking: $10.00

Address: 650 Governors Rd, Dundas, Hamilton, ON


Family Fun Zone

September 17th 2016

12pm – 3pm

Admission: Free

Address: 157 Mill St N, Waterdown, Hamilton ON


Day of Mindfulness – Meditation Event

September 17th 2016 (Repeats every Saturday until January 7th 2017)

9am – 4pm

Admission: Free

Address: 2 Bond Street S, Hamilton ON


Use Your Startup Strengths to Crush Your Competition – Enlighten Lunch’n Learn

September 20th 2016

11:30am – 1pm

Admission: $5 – $10

Address: 175 Longwood Rd S, Hamilton ON


New Book Release – Alice-Angel of Time, from author E. Graziani

September 24th 2016

2pm – 4pm

Admission: Free

Address: 777 Highway 8, Stoney Creek, Hamilton ON


Cooking for One or Two

September 26th 2016

3pm – 4:30pm

Admission: Free

Address: Sobeys Ancaster – 977 Golf Links Rd, Hamilton ON


Flamborough Chili Fest

September 27th 2016

4pm – 8pm

Admission: $15

Address: 79 Hamilton St N, Flamborough ON

I mean, come on…who doesn’t love chilli!


Mini Golf Tournament

September 28th 2016

6pm – 9pm

Admission: $30 Adult \ $15 Child (under 12) or non-golfer

Address: 580 Van Wagners Beach Rd, Hamilton ON

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Matthew Gamble

Guest Blogger – Matthew Gamble

 Matthew Gamble is a Marketing & Advertising Professional, and a proud Hamilton citizen with a love for delicious food and pop culture.