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11 Things We Can All Look Forward to This Holiday Season

Holiday Season Events


And in no particular order…

1 | Mulled Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages


Again, not that we’re going in any particular order.. but yes alcohol somehow (I wonder why) made it the top of this list. Mulled wine, rum and egg nogs, seasonal beers? Yupppp!


Holiday Season Events - Bruha - Online Ticketing Provider and Event Marketplace


2 | Hot Chocolate (Marshmallows Always Included)


It wouldn’t quite be a proper seasonal affair with a cup of hot chocolate, marshmallows and doing absolutely nothing all day. Alright, maybe not so much the last part.. but you get the point.


Holiday Season Events - Bruha - Online Ticketing Provider and Event Marketplace


3 | Bright Lights and Shiny Things!


Zero explanation needed. From light up Rudolphs and Santas to giant Christmas trees, the Holiday season wouldn’t be what it is without these things.


Holiday Season Events - Bruha - Online Ticketing Provider and Event Marketplace


4 | Office Parties


Let’s be honest with each other. What would the Holiday Season be without any excuse to enjoy some beverages, celebrate and even get a little wild with your colleagues. Just remember to keep it clean and professional… an important reminder.


Holiday Season Events - Bruha - Online Ticketing Provider


5 | Holiday Events


They’re everywhere and they’re a ton of fun. From Toronto’s Annual Christmas Market and the CP Holiday Train to Niagara Falls’ Winter Festival of Lights, Holiday events always make for a great time with friends and family.


Holiday Season Events - Bruha - Event Listing and Online Ticketing


6 | Ugly Christmas Sweaters


You may not always love them, but you sure do have to appreciate a good (and by good, I mean ugly) Christmas sweater. Mix this with those crazy office parties and you’ll be guaranteed to have something to talk about the next day.


Holiday Season Event - Bruha - Event Listing and Online Ticketing


7 | An Excuse to Feast!


Carbs = ❤️.. right? Right!


Holiday Season Event - Bruha Online Ticketing for Events


8 | More Decorations


Yes, more! Bigger, brighter, shinier.


Holiday Season Event - Bruha Online event ticketing


9 | Time Off School and Work


A little R&R so you can enjoy everything else that’s on this list!


Holiday Season Event - Bruha - Online Ticketing Provider

10 | Christmas Movies Are ALWAYS On TV


Seriously, always.


Holiday Season Event - Bruha - Online Event Listing and Ticketing Provider


11 | And Well… Because… SANTA’s COMING!


Santas Coming Holiday Season



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