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The 11th annual Hamilton Film Festival

Hamilton Film Festival 2016


The Hamilton Film Festival: Eyes Open. Facing Front.


The Hamilton Film Festival is an Internationally known and locally focused annual event that takes place every year in November in Hamilton. In its 11th year, the festival will be taking place from November 5th to November 13th. All screenings and events will be happening at various Hamilton Venues, around the downtown core.


The 11th annual Hamilton Film Festival (HFF XI) will be screening a juried selection of local & international independent films and will include film score and script submissions. Being a locally focused festival, the festival’s mandate always makes sure that Hamilton-based filmmakers have a place to screen, network and learn.


So if you’re someone who appreciates good movies and loves supporting local talent, then this is your type of festival.


Actually, the HFF is for everyone and here’s why:


Events and Screenings


The Hamilton Film Festival doesn’t just include film screenings, it also encompasses the Hamilton Film Expo and the Canadian Film Market, making it an incredible must-attend Event in Hamilton for everyone.


Although with nearly 50 screenings alone, we’d be more than alright with the screenings alone. Seriously though.. who doesn’t love watching movies?! The rest is the cherry on top.. a really, really, really big cherry.


View the Hamilton Film Festival’s full schedule. Get your All Access Passes for the Festival. The $100 All-Films gives you access into all public film screenings, access to the Hamilton Film Expo and access to public events at the Canadian Film Market, which will include talks & panels and trade show events.


Local Venues


With 5 confirmed local Hamilton venues, it’s another opportunity and reason (a damn good one, too!) to get out and explore Hamilton.


The confirmed venues are: The Zoetic, Staircase Theatre, Elaine Mae TheatreThe Café, and the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel


Locally Focused, Internationally Known


The Hamilton Film Festival features both local and international filmmakers, giving you the best of both worlds. Why settle on one or the other when you can have both… Thanks HFF!


There’s Something for Everyone


With 50+ Events and screenings, featuring both International and Local talent, there’s literally something for everyone. No matter the genre you’re interested in, whether you prefer international or local movies, or if you’re an industry professional looking to network, the Hamilton Film Festival has it all.


Better Than Netflix and Chill


A festival dedicated to showcasing movies.. enough said!


Movies are awesome and we all love them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not your true friend. But, you know what’s better than 1 or 2 movies? How about 50 in the span of 8 days with an excuse to get out of the house and checkout the Hamilton Film Festival!


Yeah.. we thought so too! Your “Netflix and Chill” can wait until after the Hamilton Film Festival.


Personal Recommendations


Interested in checking out the festival but not sure which films you should watch? Festival Director (and local Cinemaniac), Nathan Fleet, is making personal recommendations for you so that you can get the most out of your experience at this year’s festival. All you have to do is tell him 3 movies that you love and the rest is in hands!


I recently did this and was recommended Raiders! The Story of the Greatest fan Film Ever Made, which I will for sure be checking out. Thanks Nathan!


Call your friends, grab your tickets, get a bag… or 2… of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the Festivities!

Hamilton Film Festival Entertainment

THE END… (for now)


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