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150 “Canadian Things” To Celebrate Canada 150

Canada 150 Things


How do you properly celebrate and commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday? You put together a list of 150 “Canadian Things”. No questions asked.



From the beaver and the Canadian flag to maple syrup and Justin Trudeau’s hair (he has great hair), here are just “some” of the things that make our Country great.

1. A Giant Nickel

2. A Sleeping Giant

3. Air Canada

4. Algonquin Provincial Park

5. Apologies (Guilty of this. Seems we’re sorry for everything, even things we aren’t sorry about.. at least we’re polite!)

6. Appalachian Mountains

7. Art Gallery of Ontario

8. Basketball (yes, it was invented by a Canadian – James Naismith)

Canada 150 Celebration

9. Bay of Fundy

10. Beavers

Canada 150 Celebration

11. Beaver Tails (Damn these things are good.. and no, not an actual beaver tail)

12. Blackberry

Canada 150 Celebration

13. Caesars (first introduced in Calgary in 1969 – a great hangover companion)

14. Canada Day (on July 1st, we celebrate our Nation’s birthday – this year being the 150th)

Canada 150 Celebration

15. Canada Dry Ginger Ale

16. Canada’s Wonderland

17. Canadian Geese

18. Canadian Slang (because we say a lot of weird shit)

19. Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving

20. Canadian Tire

21. Canadian Tuxedos

22. Canadian War Museum

23. Canuck

24. Capilano Suspension Bridge

25. Celine Dion

26. Chesterfield

27. Chris Hadfield

 28. CN Tower

Canada 150 Things
29. Coffee Crisp

30. Colourful Money

31. Comedy and Laughter (Think about it.. Jim Carrey, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Seth Rogan, Mike Myers, the list goes on..)

32. Craft Beer (Canada has GREAT breweries, if you haven’t indulged yet.. you’re missing out)

Toronto Beer Hall King Taps
33. Crispy Crunch

34. Don Cherry

35. Donovan Bailey

36. Drake

37. Eighteen Fifty Seven (1857) – our Nation’s birthday

38. Elk, Moose and Deer (It’s almost impossible to not come across these animals when driving up North)

Canada 150 Celebration

39. “Eh!” (guilty of it)

40. Entrepreneurship and Startups (we’ve seen a huge insurgence of companies starting up in Canada)

41. Four Seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

42. French Language

43. Georgian Bay

44. Great Wine Vineyards

45. Gordie Howe

46. Hockey (Without a doubt, it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Canada)

Hockey Canada

47. Hockey Hall of Fame

48. Ice Fishing

49. Ice Wine

50. Igloos

51. Indie Music

Canada 150 Celebration
52. Insulin (Discovered at U of T by Banting, Best, Macleod and Collip)

53. John A. McDonald (history lesson: Canada’s first PM)

54. Just for Laughs (the festival is actually one of, if not the largest comedy events in the world)

55. Justin Bieber

56. Justin Trudeau’s Hair

57. Ketchup Chips

Ketchup Chips Canada

58. Kraft Dinner (Gotta be KD!)

59. Kraft Peanut Butter

60. KW’s Oktoberfest (German roots but proudly adopted in Canada. This is the second largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world)

61. Lacrosse

62. Lakes (Canada has over 500 – around 561 to be exact, including 4 of the Great Lakes)

Canadian Lakes

63. Lobster

64. Long Johns

65. Loonies

66. Lumberjacks

67. Maple Syrup (Seriously.. it’s a monopoly here)

Canada 150 Celebration

68. Maple Trees

Canada 150 Celebration

69. May 24 and Cottages (Muskoka Cottage Country is one of the best summer vacation spots, ever – even National Geographic said so)

Canada 150 Celebration

70. Michael Bublé

71. Mickey of alcohol

72. Molson Canadian

73. Montreal Bagels

74. Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal Smoked Meat

75. Moraine Lake (yes, we’ve already said lakes… but it’s just so damn gorgeous)

76. Mount Royal

77. Multiculturalism

78. Mustard (apparently Canada is one of the largest exporters and producers of mustard seed in the world)

79. National Gallery of Canada

80. National Parks (Gros Morne, Banff, Yoho, Jasper, etc..)

81. Natural Resources

82. Niagara Falls (Horseshoe Falls)

Canada 150 Celebration

83. Notre-Dame Basilica

84. Oil

85. Osheaga

Osheaga Canada

86. Our National Anthem

87. Parliament Hill (which happens to be pretty damn photogenic)

88. Peameal Bacon (baby got back!)

89. PEI Potatoes

90. Plaid everything

91. Polar Bears (According to sources, more than 50% of the World’s polar bears come from Canada)

Polar Bears Canada

92. Pop (not Soda!)

93. Portaging

94. Poutine

95. Prime Minister (Yes, we have a Prime Minister, not a President.. and we’re proud of that)

96. Provinces NOT States (Canada has a total of 10 Provinces)

97. Public Healthcare (No argument on this one)

98. Quebec City (Stunning, gorgeous and all around a beautiful sight!)

Canada 150 Celebration

99. Queen Elizabeth (Yes, technically speaking, Queen Elizabeth is the Sovereign of the parliamentary democracy and monarchy of Canada)

100. Royal Ontario Museum

101. Salt Stained Uggs

102. Second Largest Country (according to geographical area, Canada is the world’s second largest country next to Russia)

Canada 150 Celebration

103. Smarties

Canada 150 Celebration

104. Snowbirds

105. Spelling with the letter “U” (Colours not colors, favours not favors.. you get the point)

106. Steve Nash

107. St. Lawrence Market

108. Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce (Seriously, we could probably drink this stuff its so good)

Swiss Dipping Sauce

109. Table Hockey

110. Territories (Canada is also home to 3 Territories including Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut)

111. Terry Fox

112.The Calgary Stampede

113. The Canadian Flag

Canada 150 Celebration

114. The Canadian Football League, CFL (That’s right, our very own professional football league, known for 3-down football)

115. The Canadian Forces

116. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

117. The Canadian Rockies (The Rockies span the provinces of BC and Alberta)

Canadian Rockies

118. The CBC

119. The Foghorn

120. The Forks in Winnipeg

121. The Hopewell Rocks

122. The Jockstrap (Protection first)

123. The Kits Pool in Vancouver (Canada’s largest pool measuring 150 yards – almost 3 times longer than an Olympic pool)

124. The Metric System

Canada 150 Celebration

125. The Montreal Canadiens

126. The natural landscape

Canada 150 Celebration

127. The RCMP

128. The Rideau Canal (Also known as the Rideau Waterway, connects the city of Ottawa to Kingston, stretching 202 km)

129. The telephone

130. The Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays

131. The Toronto Maple Leafs

132. The Toronto Raptors (#WeTheNorth)

133. The Tragically Hip

134. The Weeknd

135. Tim Hortons (You were waiting to see where on this list this would fall, weren’t you? The first Tim Hortons was built in Hamilton and opened in 1964. From what we could pull, there are about 3, 500 locations across Canada. WOW!)

Tim Hortons

136. Tobogganing

137. Toonies

138. Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

139. Toques and Beanies (Gotta keep warm, eh!)

140. Trailer Park Boys

141. Trivial Pursuit (created in 1979)

142. Two-Four (24) of beer

143. Two of the original 6 NHL teams (The Montreal Canadian and The Toronto Maple Leafs)

144. Two Official Languages (English and French)

145. Waterfalls


146. Wayne Gretzky (The Great One)

147. West Edmonton Mall

148. William Shatner (AKA Captain Kirk)

149. Winter Sports (other than Hockey, winter sports in general are very popular)

150. Brüha (That’s right, Canadian and damn proud of it!)

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