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5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Ticket Sales in 2018

5 effective ways to increase your ticket sales in 2018 - Bruha online event ticketing and marketplace


As 2017 comes to an end and now already being in our rear view mirrors, it’s time for ‘resolutions’.


Yes, those things.


If you’re an Event Organizer, chances are that looking for ways to increase your tickets sales is top of mind and one of your goals for the New Year.


And so it should be.


Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place.


After compiling our own research over the past year, from personal experience and organizers selling tickets with us, we’ve identified a few very effective ways to increase your ticket sales.


Here they are (in no particular order).


1 | Create Tiered Pricing


This might be one of the easiest things to execute on that can help you significantly increase your marketing efforts and increase your ticket sales.


Over the past year we’ve seen first hand that events offering some sort of tiered pricing model tend to see an average increase of 5-10% in their ticket revenues compared to those offering a single type of ticket.


If you’re able to offer things like early access, extra drink tickets, more food, or even some sort of VIP experience then I definitely encourage you to give this a try.


The funny (good) thing is that you’ll likely notice people considering the more expensive ticket option. The reason for this all has to do with perceived value and optics.


Not sure where to start?


Try something as simple as setting up early bird tickets to reward the keen adopters. The perceived value of the ticket will help build hype and drive ticket sales. Also, once they  sell out, seeing this ticket type as sold out adds to the hype and starts to create a sense of urgency.


2 | Identify Your Best Channel, Double Down


Ultimately, this one comes down to being as efficient as possible and knowing when (and where) to invest your resources.


You’ll want to measure and keep tabs on your best performing channels to understand where your ticket sales are coming from.


From our own research, we’ve noticed that Facebook and email marketing tends to outperform other channels, but this might not be the case for your events.


Once you’ve identified your best performing channels, you’ll want to review your strategies and see how and where you can add that extra bit of oomph!


That might mean increasing the frequency in which you’re distributing content on those channels, adding a bit of a creative flare or even A/B testing assets all as examples.


Does this mean to completely disregard other channels? Absolutely not.


After all, it takes on average anywhere from 7-11 touch points across various channels before anyone converts. In this case, commits to purchasing a ticket (or 10… hopefully 10).


3 | Experiment With New Channels, Measure Return


Let me guess.


You’ve been using the same 2 or 3 or even 4 channels to market your event and you’ve been getting the same results?


This is the exact reason why experimenting with new ways (channels) to get your event in front of an audience isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary.


I know it might sound a little bit contradictory to the point above, but I assure you it is not. Without consistent experimentation you’ll never really know where your best results are coming from. Better yet, you’ll never be improving on those results.


For example, have you invested time into a solid SEO strategy? Have you considered investing a portion of the ticket revenue into paid advertising? How about utilizing Reddit to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) or even adding Instagram stories to your content play?


For more ideas, check out a recent article I wrote about 5 event marketing tactics to promote your next event.


4 | Include Event Partners Into The Mix


Event partners can come in many different forms with many different roles, expectations and responsibilities.


Whether you’re adding sponsored partners, co-hosts, or even affiliates, bringing on partners can help you significantly increase your ticket sales.


It’s very common that event partners need to work together in some sort of capacity to help boost the event’s outcome. It should be a mirrored win-win situation.


By leveraging your partners’ networks and strengths, you’ll automatically reduce the workload, spread the risk, increase your credibility as well as feel a lot more confident in your efforts moving forward.


The key thing to keep in mind moving forward is to make sure that all parties are seeing some sort of return and benefit from being involved with the event.


This is where the buy-in happens and how you keep partners happy.


5 | Consistently Communicate Value


Lastly, consistently communicating value to your targeted audience and those who have already purchased tickets is a MUST!


But how do you do that effectively?


By planning your communications and having a good grasp on where your distribution efforts will be. Read this recent article about 3 important lessons for every event organizer for some more context.


Fact is that creating a content/ communication schedule and sticking to it is something that is under-utilized and under valued.


A good practice and some low-hanging fruit to cross off the list is to provide regular updates such as new music lineup announcements, early bird sales ending (see, tiered pricing does come in hand!), and even just simple event reminders. You’ll want to gear these towards those who have already purchased tickets as well as those who you’re still trying to convert.


Bottom line you’ll want to make sure that any communication going out provides value and is contextually relevant to your event.


As a personal tip I would highly recommend making use of Facebook event groups and the emails you’ve been collecting to make that happen – provided you’re using these channels.


Well, there you have it. Those are our 5 effective ways to increase your ticket sales in 2018.


Give them a try and let us know which ones end up working for your events.


Hosting an upcoming event and looking to sell tickets? We can help with that.


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