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5 Events Trends to Look For in 2017

5 Event Trends coming in 2017

5 Event Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2017


By definition, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Generally speaking, trends typically only last for a short amount of time until they either fizzle out, or become so mainstream that they’re no longer considered just a “trend”.


As technology advances and consumer interests/preferences change, new trends in the Event Industry emerge. This has always been the case and will always be the case, it’s the nature (and definition) of trends.


Year after year, we see new trends that impact all stakeholders within the event industry. From the event organizers themselves, to the event-attendees, everyone gets impacted in one way or another. For event organizers, these trends present both opportunities and challenges alike. Like anything new, there will always be the challenge of a learning curve and how to effectively utilize such trends and tools to better the outcome, reception and bottom line of your event. If done right and used in the right circumstances, the opportunities will speak for themselves.


However, without adapting, anticipating, and ‘trying’ these trends, you’ll never know. So if you’re looking to improve attendance, guest experience, and instill that feeling of FOMO, pay close attention!


Here are 5 event trends to be mindful of in 2017. If you haven’t used these yet for your own events, give them a try and see how you can make the most of your next event.


Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality


5 Event Trends in 2017 VR


Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming more and more of a reality. As more experiential events take place, we’ll likely see moments of VR and/or AR introduced within these events, helping them stand out and provide that WOW factor. This will be a means to help the events stand out, by providing and offering something different than what event-attendees have been used to in the past. My guess is that large conferences and galas will be the first to adopt these technologies, as many have done so already.


As technology continues to advance, prices drop and accessibility increases, it’s only a matter of time before you see VR/AR at smaller scale events. Already, we’ve seen elements of augmented reality available at many events and occasions, thanks to the ease of use and accessibility provided by SnapChat. Adding in even a small interactive component (see below), that utilizes this advanced technology goes a long way in providing an incredible experience for all event-goers.


Interactive Components/ Elements


5 Event Trends in 2017 Interactive


Events are all about the experience, no doubt. More so, they’re all about the longevity of that experience. Being able to make a lasting impression and create memorable moments for every single person who attends.


Interactive components and elements at an event can be the cornerstone to that experience. These are those interactive photobooths (that post to Instagram or Twitter), those gaming sections, and VR/AR demonstrations (see above) that give people something to talk about after the event ends. As I eluded to above, SnapChat has become a bit of a pioneer in this space, providing the opportunity to leverage and use an interactive component at an affordable price via the use of custom geo-filters.


The bottom line is that everyone wants to feel as involved with the event as the next person. They want to be able to share that experience while attending the event, and for weeks and months (if you’re lucky) after the event has ended.


Make it fun, make it inclusive to all, and make it stand out.


The challenge here is making sure these interactive elements fit with your events theme and bring value to your event’s guests. If they takeaway from what the event stands for and isn’t fun, then look for an alternate solution.




5 Event Trends in 2017 Livestreaming


Live streaming isn’t new, by any means. However, it is gaining more and more momentum as technology advances. For one, the ease of use is something that continually improves almost on a weekly basis, or so it seems. Additionally, thanks in part to Facebook and Instagram, accessibility to live-streaming is right at the touch of our fingers. Overall, live-streaming is becoming more and more attractive for marketers and consumers across all industries.


For marketers and event organizers alike, audience attention and retention is an uphill battle that continually gets more and more challenging. Live-streaming presents an opportunity to explore new ways of creating engaging content, which ultimately means new ways to tell a compelling story. Live-streaming can go far beyond what happens while the event is taking place. This content can also be used for promotional purposes after the event has ended, showing people what they missed, or re-engaging with those who attended your event by sending them an email with the link to the video. NOTE: live-streams on Instagram disappear once the streaming has ended.


Social Media


5 Event Trends in 2017 social media


Just like live-streaming, Social Media is not new. In fact, it’s far from new. Very far.


The trend here is actually not using Social Media, because we all know we’re way beyond that point. Rather, it’s HOW Social Media will be used by both event professionals and event attendees. Long gone are the days where event marketing and social media were considered separate verticals. It’s more clear now than ever that there needs to be an integrated approach. One where social media plays a vital role and becomes part of the event’s entire lifecycle. From planning and promotion, to the activities during the event, and even afterwards once the event has ended.


Adopting an integrated use of social media will help maximize your efforts, increase your reach to new and existing audiences, and create that lasting impression for your attendees.


Personalization & Data


5 Event Trends in 2017 personalization


Event-goers, and end-consumers of any industry alike, want to feel as though products, services, and events (in this case) are created and marketed personally for them. At the very least, they want to feel as though the event organizers and marketers behind these productions (big or small) have gone the extra mile in making sure they understand their needs as an attendee.


As data becomes more abundant and the use of data continues to grow in importance, personalization will become more and more prevalent. The challenge has been and continues to be understanding this data and knowing how to make use of it. Once marketers and event organizers are able to jump that hurdle, making personalized connections with attendees will become seamless.


At Brüha we’re currently working with large amounts of data and using this data to provide a better overall experience for our users by suggesting personalized event recommendations. These recommendations are based on a number of things: personal interests, event browsing history, ticket purchase history, and more!




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