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5 Reasons You Need to Attend Art Crawl

Art Wall Art Crawl

Hamilton’s Art Crawl should be on your radar and here’s why.

Art Crawl is a self-guided, free Event that happens the second Friday of every month on Hamilton’s James Street North. This can’t-miss Event gives local residents, students and tourists the perfect opportunity to explore Hamilton’s downtown core and connect with the community.

What makes it so great?

How about, EVERYTHING!

In all seriousness (we weren’t joking to begin with), here are 5 reasons why you need to attend an Art Crawl.

Local Art (Say whatttt?!)

Art at an Art Crawl? That can’t be!

Fingers crossed this doesn’t come as a surprise, but you can expect to see a lot of local Artists with their Artwork setup along James Street at every Art Crawl. Majority of the Artists that make it out are from Hamilton (rightfully so), however, you’ll also see a few local Artists from Toronto making their way down here to setup a booth and enjoy the atmosphere.

And if you’re wondering what type of Art you can expect to see, the answer is everything. From canvas work and prints to custom made buttons and jewelry, no one Artist/booth is the same.

Crawl at Your Own Pace (Slow & steady wins the race)

A very valuable life lesson is learning how to crawl before you run. When it comes to Art Crawl, you won’t even want to think about running. In fact, the more time you take to appreciate everything, the more fun you’ll have. No matter the reason for Crawlin’ everyone is welcomed and encouraged to make their way up (and down) the street at their own pace.

Our tip to you is to don’t feel the urge to rush. Just remember, the night is yours and you’ll have plenty of time to checkout all of the local Art, Music and Venues.

Art Crawl Street Hamilton

Live & Local Music (Enter guitar solo here)

Live music everywhere! One of our favourite attractions about Art Crawl is the live music that you can expect to see almost on every street corner. We’ve seen it all from Pianos and Accordions to Acoustic Guitars and even Barbershop Quartets (true story, this just happened Friday August 12th outside of Architect Hair Design).

And the icing on the cake has to be the rooftop performances that take place on top of Dr. Disc. Seriously, these performances are always awesome.

Barbershop Art Crawl Event Hamilton

Food & Drink (Cheers to that. And again… and again)

Food and Drink? Yup, we’ve caught your attention once again.

There are a ton of great Venues along James Street serving up amazing food and mixing great cocktails. Cocktails aren’t your thing? Don’t worry… How about wine, shooters and our favourite, local craft beer. Wherever you end up, you can’t go wrong.

We highly suggest hopping (well.. crawling) around and checking out few different Venues to get a good mix of food and drinks to make the most of your evening.

Craft Beer Hamilton Art Crawl

The People (AKA the atmosphere) 

Let’s be honest, every good Event always comes down to the people. The people are the environment, atmosphere, energy. Whatever you want to call it, it wouldn’t be possible without the people. Bottom line.

And the people at Art Crawl? Well, they’re pretty damn amazing (excuse our French). Whether it’s the people working at the Venues, the people walking up and down the street, the Artists showcasing their work or the Musicians entertaining you, there’s just a certain energy about everyone that’s hard to find anywhere else. In our opinion, its the mix of so many different individuals, interests and cultures that make these Art Crawls what they truly are.

Hamilton Art Crawl Event

It all sounds amazing doesn’t it? Of course it does!

Well, if Art Crawl has you sold, then just wait for what’s coming your way Supercrawl 2016!

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