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5 Ways to Start Selling Tickets as a Promoter

5 Ways to Start Selling Tickets as a Promoter


Getting Started: 5 Ways to Start Selling Tickets as a Promoter


So you’ve officially signed up to become a Promoter.


Congrats and welcome to this first-of-its-kind community!


In addition to earning cash as a Promoter, you’ll soon start to get familiar with the many other perks and incentives for promoting events and selling tickets.


Some of these include: An opportunity to expand your network, an opportunity to tap into new networks, being that friend who’s always ‘in the know’, and even being able to discount tickets for your friends and family.


Yes, that’s right. Discounted tickets to upcoming local events means that you’ll soon become everyone’s best friend – and heck, you might just be the favourite relative after all.


While I could keep listing off the perks and benefits of becoming a Promoter, you’re here to learn about the best ways to go about selling tickets and earn more cash!


Luckily for you, we’ve got that covered.


Here’s our list of 5 of the best ways to get started as a Promoter so you’ll be selling tickets and earning cash in no time.


1 | Facebook: Standard Posts and Messenger


Call me presumptuous, but I’m going to take a gamble and say that you’re on Facebook. Regardless of how “active” you are on this social platform, it’s likely that you’ve got an account.


And if (since) that’s the case, one of the very first things you can do to get your feet wet, so to speak, and start selling tickets is to create a standard post or make a quick status update about the event.


As an example, here’s one I recently made below about an upcoming event I’m hosting. Even though I’m not a Promoter for the event (as it’s my own event), the messaging and execution would be the same.


How to promote and sell tickets as a Promoter - Kegs4Cnc Facebook exampleKegs4Cncr is a charity fundraiser in support of the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.


To make this even more appealing, I would recommend asking a question for your friends on Facebook, something that catches their attention and helps the event stand out. It could be something as simple as “Have you been thinking about attending this event?” or “Were you there last year?”.


Next, it’s time to get direct.


Facebook Messenger is a great opportunity to connect with people one on one, and send out ‘personal invites’ for upcoming events that you’re promoting and selling tickets for.


While it might seem tempting to blast all of your friends with personalized messages, I’d refrain from doing so and think about who you’d be able to not only have a real conversation with about the event, but also who will genuinely be interested in attending.


Like any method of good marketing, you’ll want to know who your audience is and how you can get their attention.


*Personal tip: After crafting your message, start off by sending your personal invite to roughly 10-20 people that are within your ‘close’ circle. Make sure that you’re reaching out to people who have an interest in this type of event, make sure to include the event link, and even ask a question to provoke a response and start a conversation.


2 | Twitter: Standard Tweets and Direct Messages


Similarly like Facebook, there are a few different ways to approach twitter to extend your reach on the ever-beloved (or hated) Twitterverse.


Again, I would personally recommend to start off by making a few general tweets about the event. Make sure to include a few basic details for context such as the event’s name (even tagging the event), the date, location, an image and especially include your unique Promoter URL (you want to get paid after all).


How to promote and sell tickets as a Promoter - Kegs4Cncr on Twitter


Next, I’d recommend going direct to some of your close followers. Make sure that you’re reaching out to people who have either engaged with you in the past, or those that you know are interested in the type of event you’re promoting. Trust me, you’ll want to avoid any awkward conversations.


How to promote and sell tickets as a Promoter - Kegs4Cncr - Twitter DM



3 | Creating Stories and Highlights on Instagram


Why create stories and make highlights about events?


Well, because they’re fun, extremely easy to do, you can get as creative as you’d like, they last for 24 hours (longer if you keep it up as a highlight) and because people LOVE watching them!


In fact, it’s been said that stories drive more engagement and views to your profile by 2-3x than a standard post. That just means more opportunities to sell tickets!


Once you’ve got a few different stories posted, it’s time to create a highlight so it stays front and centre on your profile. I recommend adding a title to the highlight as the event’s name and editing the cover to something that is catchy and can showcase the event in the thumbnail that people will see.


*Personal tip: I would highly recommend using stories in combination with a standard post. This is a great way to drive more views and engagement to your posts and profile in general, while also being able to provide A LOT more context about the event that you’re promoting.


4 | Sending Personalized Emails


As a Promoter, you’re likely going to be selling tickets (and promoting events) to people who you already have a very personal relationship with.


It’s just the way it’s always been and always will be.


Think about it. The trust factor is there (hopefully) and because of that you’re seen as a credible and reliable source of information when it comes to upcoming events.


Because of this reason (above), sending out personal invites to your close network, which typically includes friends and family, might just be one of the best ways to sell tickets, or offer them at a discount.


How to promote and sell tickets as a Promoter - Kegs4Cnc invite in email


5 | Sending Personalized Text Messages


Yup, you guessed it.


We’ve saved the best one for last.


I’ll keep this one short (but sweet), especially since it’s very similar to sending out personalized email invites but just as a text message.


These days everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, lives on their phone. Because of that, you already know where their attention is – it’s right in the palm of their hands.


Now If I was in your shoes and promoting an event, I’d send a very personalized text starting with 5-10 of my closest friends (and family) mentioning the event, letting them know that I’m thinking about going and adding my unique Promoter URL in the message as well.


Realistically you could send one generic message (again making sure to include the ticket link) to your entire phone contact list. The upside here is that you’re hitting the masses so you’ll likely get through to a few people buying tickets.


The downside? Other than possibly sending it to a few people where your relationship is questionable, the event just might not be relevant to everyone. And the very last thing you’d want to do is be known as “spammy” texter  – not good!


Well, there you have it. There are our 5 best ways to promote an event and sell tickets as an official Brüha Promoter. If you’re already selling tickets and have effective ways that have been working for you then we’d love to hear about them!


Haven’t signed up to become a Promoter yet? Get started at and join our community today!


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