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6 Hiddens Gems in Hamilton

Hidden Gems Hamilton


Six Hidden Gems Located in Hamilton


Hamilton is a vibrant and growing city, and as a born and raised Hamiltonian I’ve seen it transform over the years. As Hamiltonians, we tend to stick with our habits and not venture out from the norm too often.


With that being said, today I ask you to open your mind up to new ideas and you might just find it in your heart to try one of these places listed below. You’re probably wondering why only six hidden gems are listed when Hamilton has hundreds to offer. Agreed, it does. The truth is, it’s a little hard to cover every single one of these hidden gems. They are hidden, after all!


As always if you feel I missed something good, just send me a quick tweet @mathewgamble.


  1. Burlap & Twine

Address: 259 James St N, Hamilton ON

Type of Hidden Gem: Retail Store


Personally one of my favourite spots in Hamilton, I constantly visit to see what’s new and for a quick chat. Think Lush, but local and affordable. The smell will empower you as you stroll down James St N, and will for sure convince you to enter.  Burlap & Twine offers a variety of handmade products such as; bath bombs, soaps, scrubs, face/body creams, and much more.


Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. The Parm House

Address: 272 Kenilworth St, Hamilton ON

Type of Hidden Gem: Restaurant/Catering


Approaching their one-year anniversary, The Parm House is definitely a hidden gem located in the east side of Hamilton. Over the past 11 months, The Parm House treated hundreds and thousands of customers to authentic Italian cuisine.  If you haven’t heard of this place yet – you’re welcome. If you have already been there, be sure to keep checking their social media accounts for weekly deals.


Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Checkout a previous blog post I wrote on The Parm House for some more info!


PS: Be sure to try their Chicken Parm Lasagna!


  1. Basilique

Address: 1065 King St West, Hamilton ON

Type of Hidden Gem: Restaurant


Basilique may be well known to many McMaster Students however not to all of Hamilton, but if you try it once you are sure to never forget. Basilique offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine and many other menu items, such as pizza and wings. My favourite meal from here has to be their chicken shawarma with extra garlic sauce and of course a side salad.


Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. Westdale Barber Shop

Address: 996 King St West, Hamilton ON

Type of Hidden Gem: Men’s Hair Service


If you ever lived in Westdale then you’ve probably seen this next hidden gem. This barber shop is all about men’s haircuts, and they sure do it right! Phil and Damian are truly masters of their craft. When you visit next tell them Matthew sent you. Even though Westdale Barber Shop has been around for years and has a well-known reputation, I still believe this to be one of Hamilton’s many hidden gems.


Be sure to check them out on Twitter and Instagram!


  1. Willy Dog’s GTO

Address: 17 Paradise Rd S, Hamilton ON

Type of Hidden Gem: Restaurant/Catering


Not to be confused with Willy Dog on McMaster campus, this take-out restaurant has been created by the same people but goes beyond just hot dogs. They offer poutine, fish and chips, and even Donut Monster (only Thursday – Saturday). Willy Dog’s GTO truly is a hidden gem, since it’s tucked in the corner just across the street from Food Basics on Paradise. Below is a photo to help you find this hidden gem….


Willy Dogs GTO Hidden Gems (1)


Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. Mattson To Go

Address: 154 James St S, Hamilton ON

Type of Hidden Gem: Restaurant


Mattson To Go is the new kid on the block of James St South. The name might seem familiar, because it’s sister companies are Mattson & Co. and The Junction Event Catering. This hidden gem (which is steadily gaining quite the attention) is focused on convenience and healthy fresh made food. With the wonderful reputation of Mattson’s other businesses, I’m sure Mattson To Go will be sure to impress and won’t be considered the new kid on the block for long.


Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Matthew Gamble Bruha Blogger

Guest Blogger & Ambassador – Matthew Gamble

 Matthew Gamble is a Marketing & Advertising Professional, and a proud Hamilton citizen with a love for delicious food and pop culture.

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