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6 More Hidden Gems in Hamilton

6 More Hidden Gems in Hamilton You Need to Visit

We couldn’t fit it all in one list… Here are 6 more hidden gems you need to visit in Hamilton!

HAVN (Hamilton Audio Visual Node)

As Hamilton’s culture and art scene continue to expand, new opportunities for emerging artists are beginning to pop-up throughout the city. One of the most unique of these comes in the form of HAVN. Short for Hamilton Audio Visual Node, HAVN is described as ‘a multi-modal node for the development, exhibition, documentation, and dispersal of sound images, and ideas.’ This experimental art space aims to become a venue for up and coming Hamilton artists to display, promote and profit from their own creations. Acting as an escape from the often harsh environment that emerging artist typically face, HAVN is the newest addition to Hamilton’s culture seen. Be sure to check out them out at 26 Barton St. East.


Hang a right at Barton we are open for bizness! #havnsalon #hamont #havnode #supercrawl

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Red Church

What do you get when you combine an espresso bar with an art gallery? Hamilton’s Redchurch Cafe & Gallery encapsulates this unity with their recently open location at Victoria Hall, 68 King St. E. Though their cafe offers a variety of coffees, teas, drinks and several delicious treats, their gallery also satisfies with a collection featuring local contemporary artists. Whether you’re looking for a place to get some work done, hold an empress a coffee date or just enjoy a unique cafe experience, Redchurch is worth checking out.


This new Hamilton bar is quickly becoming a recommended favorite of all who’ve tried it. A quaint spot at 973 King St E, Capitol’s neighborly atmosphere is enhanced by the friendly staff. Offering a variety of quality cocktails as well as a selection of craft beer, they also serve fresh food. The bar itself is stunning, with a stylish aesthetic that doesn’t over do it. Perfect for a date night or just grabbing a drink with friends. A must try!


Doors open at 5pm. We got ya covered folks! I give you food and booze, and we do the dishes!! #hamont #thecapitolbar

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Steel Town Garage Co.

With new coffee shops appearing on every corner, it’s always a refreshing to encounter a cafe that takes a unique spin on the classic concept. Steel Town Garage, located at 8 Barton St E, is a conceptual coffee spot that features vintage motorcycle culture. Not just a quality espresso bar, they display a variety of art, apparel, books, riding gear, lifestyle accessories and more. Paying respect to the old-aged European culture, Steel Town Garage is a truly unique new addition to Hamilton’s coffee culture. Perfect for both motorcycle enthusiasts and just people looking for a spot to hang out with cool folks and great espresso.


Motel Restaurant

As Hamilton’s culinary scene continues to grow and gain both critical and commercial success, more and more Canadian chefs and restaurateurs are opening new locations in the city. One of the newest additions is the themed restaurant Motel. Brought in by the owners of the popular Toronto brunch spot School, they are already making a splash at their 359 Barton St E location. With their full menu expected to start as of September 4th, Motel is sure to be a popular spot this fall.


Fairweather Brewing

Hamilton is known for hosting a variety of great breweries. One of the newest additions being welcomed into the fold is Fairweather Brewing located at 5 Ofeild Road. Offering a variety of different brews, which are going to start being served at multiple local vendors, you’ll be sure to start seeing their name around. Additionally, their West Hamilton location is well worth stopping by to try out their awesome selection!

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