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6 Reasons to Attend The Brüha Zone

The Brüha Zone at The Hamilton Beer Festival.

What is The Brüha Zone? We knew you’d ask.

Bruha Zone Event

The Brüha Zone is a dedicated space (40’x40′) and the first officially zoned gaming area made available to all attendees at this year’s Hamilton Beer Festival. Each year, the Hamilton Beer Festival takes place over 2 days. This year the Festival is happening on August 19th and 20th and will now be located at Bayfront Park to accommodate for the growth its seen over the past 2 years. Checkout the Hamilton Beer Festival to find out more details about the festival including vendors, music lineups, and tickets.


Image Source: Hamilton Beer Festival

So what exactly can you expect to see in the Brüha Zone? Again, we knew you’d ask! But you should’ve asked what won’t you expect to see. All jokes aside, there’s a ton of things you can expect to see including a ton of activities, “backyard” games, quizzes, giveaways and a lounge area for all Festival attendees to enjoy. In fact, we’ve made list of why you should attend this year’s HBF (that’s Hamilton Beer Festival for short) and checkout the Brüha Zone, so here it is:

  1. Giant Pong

A spin on the classic game beer pong. In fact, think beer pong but 10 times the size and 100 times the fun. Instead of small red cups, participants will stand behind a pyramid of barrels or buckets. 2-4 volleyballs circulate in the arena and participants must take turns lobbing the volleyballs into other teams’ barrels. Every time they sink one, a team loses their ‘Cup’. The team with at least one barrel still standing wins. Games can easily be played 1 vs 1 or on teams of 2-3 people.


2. Giant Jenga 

Another twist on another classic game. Put your motor-skills and even patience to the test and see how many cuts of 2×4 you can stack at this year’s HBF. But be careful, these things might just hurt a little bit if they fall on you. Last year’s record was a whopping 10ft tall Jenga structure! Just kidding there was no last year, which means we’ll be keeping tally and seeing who can build the tallest Jenga building at this year’s festival. In total there will be 2-3 different games of Giant Jenga made available for attendees.


3. Tailgate Toss

A festival and group classic that always attracts attention and never disappoints. This year we’ll be running 2 side-by-side games of Tailgate toss, with two slightly different versions of the game: one will be with our 3-hole tailgate, and the other will be with a single-hole game like the traditional game.


4. Lounge Area 

For those who would prefer just to swing by, chill out, sit down for a few minutes, have some conversations and even learn about our business, there’s an area we have exactly for that! We’re just hoping that no one thinks this is a nap area (believe us, it happens at beer festivals). The lounge area will consist of custom made couches (made from re-used skids) as well as a few bean bag chairs to keep you nice and comfortable!


5. Prizes & Giveaways

That’s right, we’ll be throwing giveaways and prizes for top contenders all weekend long. We won’t tell you exactly what yet, but you can definitely expect a few good things!


6. Festival Vibes 

Just remember, you’ll be at a beer festival, so you’ll be surrounded by an amazing atmosphere all weekend long. Not to mention you’ll probably be drunk, that’s gotta count for something! Head over to to find out more details about the festival and use #HammerBeer for all of your social media posts!


Image Source: Hamilton Beer Festival

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