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Market Your Event On Facebook - 7 Tips

7 Tips to Effectively Market Your Event on Facebook for Free

So you’re hosting an upcoming event. You need to get the word out there, generate a little bit of buzz, and of course, convince people that they should be purchasing tickets to attend your [awesome] event.


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 


Well, that’s because you’re not alone. Many, if not all, event organizers and marketers face this “issue” nearly every time they need to start their marketing efforts. I know that I do.


And if you’re marketing efforts include social media campaigns (which it should), chances are that you rely on Facebook marketing (to some degree) as a channel to help you cut through the noise, get in front of a relevant audience and sell tickets.


But even as simple as it might sound or “appear” to be, the truth is that it isn’t. With so many different platforms, millions of posts and new content being published, it’s extremely difficult to cut through this noise and stand out. But the good thing is that there are many ways, or “hacks”, to do so.


And that’s why we’re here and why you’re reading this post, of course.


Here are 7 tips, or hacks, that will help you gain awareness and effectively market your event for free over Facebook, leading to more registrations and ticket sales (end goal!).

1| Facebook Invite All Tools


The good old days of Facebook letting you invite your entire friend list to a page or an event are long gone. And there are many reasons why Facebook made this change, mostly stemming from creating a more “personal” network.


Now, if you want to invite your ‘friends’, the social giant requires you to select names one-by-one before being able to send out mass invites.


Is it the biggest issue? Probably not.


But it does cost you time, and as well as know, time is the most valuable non-renewable resource that we have. So any opportunity that we have to save ourselves time, we should leap at.


Inset one of my favourite (I have many) Google Chrome extensions, Facebook Invite All. This tool allows you to automatically invite all your Facebook friends to Events or Pages with just one click.


Facebook Invite All 1 - Market Your Event on Facebook



2 | Convert Post Likes to Page Likes


Ever noticed that after someone interacts with one of your posts and likes it (or adds a reaction), Facebook will then let you send a page invite to those individuals? If you haven’t noticed this or taken advantage of this, then you could easily be missing out on 100’s of page likes and potential customers.


This feature actually might just be one of my favourite things that Facebook allows us to do. Sure, page likes might just be ‘vanity’ metrics, but they can go the extra mile and there’s something satisfying about getting them.


The best part about this feature is that you’re geared for success. The likelihood of these people converting to a page like is pretty high given the fact that they’ve already come across your event or your page, interacted with your content and are familiar with what you do.


Invite to Page - Market your event on Facebook


3 |  Create Facebook Events


Creating a Facebook event for your event still is and should be consider a must-do on your checklist and for many reasons.


For one, there’s a very good chance that your target market and audience is active on Facebook. And if they’re on the platform, then you can make a safe bet that their friends are also active.


But what does that mean? It means that there’s a good chance these individuals will stumble across your event and interact with it. Provided it interests them and you’ve added all of the necessary and awesome event details to share with them.


Secondly, with Facebook’s tagging and social sharing capabilities, it makes it extremely easier for anyone who’s interested in your event to share it with their friends. That’s what we call a sticky viral loop. Enough said.


And lastly, notifications. This is a very important feature. Anytime you make event updates, new posts, etc. those who have either selected ‘going’ or ‘interested’ will receive a notification for the update.


Personal Tip: Make sure that you’re regularly posting updates to your guests about anything and everything relevant and important to their event experience. This gives you the certainty of staying top of mind, relevant and just gives you an opportunity to communicate with those going to your event. Something that is extremely valuable and important.


But hold on. After your event is created on Facebook your work isn’t quite done yet. See #2 (above) and #4 (below) for tips on how to optimize your Facebook event and overall efforts.


4 | Adding Ticket Links to Your Facebook Event


It still blows my mind how many events I come across on a daily basis that are selling tickets but completely neglect the opportunity to add the ticket link to their Facebook Event page.




As an organizer and event marketer, your main objectives are to convince people to attend your event (sell tickets) and to create an awesome experience for your guests.


Without selling tickets and increasing your attendance numbers, the second part slowly slips away and becomes a very difficult thing to achieve. Facebook is providing you with this opportunity to add a CTA and boost ticket sale, so please take advantage of it.


Personal tip: Add your ticket link. That is all.


Facebook Page Buy Tickets - Market Your Event Facebook


5 | Personal Invites


Without a doubt, personal invitations to an event (or anything in life) will yield a far greater result than anything automated or generic. It’s science and it’s a fact.


People will invest more of their time and interest when a conversation or an invite to them is personal and when it comes from a trusted, reliable source.


If there are specific individuals you’d like to see at your event, let them know. Invite them by asking them over a Facebook chat and let them know that their presence is appreciated. Heck, even give them free tickets or some sort of incentive if having them there is that important to you.


I guarantee you that the response and the attendance of your event will be much better if you spend some time inviting your personal network through a dialogue. Don’t cookie cutter this one, make it personal and meaningful.


And just remember, if they say “no”, there’s always next time. Don’t count them out entirely.


Personal tip: Start off with just 5-10 invites a day and own it. Write it down, post in your slack channel about it, set a calendar invite, whatever you need to do to hold yourself accountable. But whatever you do, make sure that you’re staying consistent with these invites and working towards an end goal (ex, 50 invites in one week).


6 | Updating Cover Photos, Profile Photos and Descriptions


Facebook offers page admins and marketers a lot of real-estate to work with, so use it.


The “small” things like updating your profile images, cover photos and event description surprisingly have the ability to go a long way.


The important thing to remember here is that above all, it’s about staying current, staying relevant, and communicating your message in many different ways to your audience and your event guests.


Be creative and have fun!


7 | Pin Your Posts


Pinning your posts to your business page or your event’s page is still a very under-utilized thing.


Like point #6 (above) it provides us with a great way to stay relevant, top of mind and communicate with our page visitors as they’ll see this post first before any others.


So if there is an important event announcement that you want as many people to come across it as possible, make it an effort to pin these posts whenever you think it’s notable to do so.


Not sure what to pin?


Things such as the final music lineup announcement, a keynote speaker named, early bird ticket sale dates, or even an upcoming Facebook live Q&A that you’ll be hosting related to the event. The options are endless and it’s in your control!


Bottom line is you need to make it related, educational, fun, and make sure it’s a post that people will want to see, read, and interact with.


Pin Post - Market Your Event on Facebook


Well, there you go.


Those are 7 tips, or hacks, that you can test out and use to help you market your next event on Facebook for free. Give them a try and let us know if you used any of them by tweeting at us @BruhaExclusive.


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