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7th Annual HIVEX: IMPACT

Hamilton HIVEX 2017


Hamilton HIVE’s HIVEX 2017 Conference: IMPACT


Every year, Hamilton HIVE (Hamilton’s go-to resource and network empowering emerging leaders and young professionals) hosts an annual networking conference that aims to connect young professionals.


Coming up on it’s 7th year, HIVEX 2017, will take place on Saturday, November 18th at The Lincoln Alexander Centre in downtown Hamilton.


Essentially, HIVEX 2017 is an avenue for these emerging leaders and young professionals to come together, network, build skills and learn from industry experts.


This year’s theme is focused and centered around one word: IMPACT.


Impact, with with a collective focus on encouraging and supporting YPs and emerging leaders as they impact their careers, their communities, and their personal growth.


So why should any young professional, student, industry leader, entrepreneur or anyone else attend this year’s HIVEX conference?


Here’s why:


Speaking Sessions & Panel Discussion


When it comes to the speaking engagements and discussions, this year’s conference ditched your traditional keynote. In my personal opinion, this was a good move. It can be very tough to engage with a large audience over keynotes and sometime it’s just best to get on with the days activities!


so the format for this year goes as follows: opening session, workshops in between, a panel discussion, more workshops, closing session and then the mixer!


The opening and closing sessions will be led by Brandon Love Magic, a motivational speaker and magician (yes, true). And the panel discussion will include Jay Carter, Alyssa Lai, Tammy Hwang, and Jeff Martin who will be talking on the topic of “How do we make #HamOnt YP ready?”.





Workshop topics include: networking, mentorship, personal branding, public speaking, personal finance, community engagement, personal growth and mental wellness, and city building issues.


The workshops are typically one hour long and will run concurrently. All you have to do is pick the workshops that relate to your personal and professional goals!



Food, Snacks & Post-Lunch Energizer


This year, At The Table YWCA, a catering initiative of YWCA Hamilton using fresh & seasonal ingredients while providing healthy meals & training opportunities for women & girls will be providing breakfast, lunch and post-conference snacks for all guests!


The post-lunch energizer will be led by  In fine Feather Yoga, a local, community based yoga organization, offering unique classes in the Hamilton area.


Networking (of course)


Afterall, HIVEX is known to be a networking and business Event. You’ll have the opportunity to network with an amazing group of individuals ranging from students and entrepreneurs to young professionals and industry leaders. Something that, in my opinion, is invaluable and extremely important no matter how far into your career you stand.


The important thing to remember is the theme of this year’s event: Impact. With that being said, make sure you leave a positive impact on everyone you meet and talk to.


HIVEX 2017 After-Party Mixer


All good things always come to an end, but not so soon! Before you part your ways, enjoy a little post-conference celebration to end things off the way they should end.. with adult beverages, of course! This year’s after-party will include cocktails presented by The Hamilton Cocktail Showcase!


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make an Impact and join 300+ emerging and established leaders, working professionals, post-secondary students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers and more at this year’s HIVEX 2017 conference.


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