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Art Tips: How to Get Inspired

Art Tips - Event Inspiration


Many people will tell you that they are not creative if you ask them.


I always hear things like “oh, I haven’t painted or drawn since high school!” or “I’m just not artistic” all the time. Oddly, many of us don’t recognize that we are artistic every day. From the moment we wake up to the second we go to bed, we are always creating.


Whether or not you choose to see it as artistic is your choice, but if you are like many people out there and struggle finding ways to get inspired, here are my top five suggestions for you to consider when you feel less than motivated to be imaginative.


1-Find a Studio or Class Where You Can Drop In


Without having to commit to a weekly art class, find somewhere that you can drop in and work at your own pace. At our facility in North Vancouver, our top seller is our 10 pack of art classes. Students are able to come and go as they please and work on developing their own ideas. What this allows students to do is to come and enjoy the studio, make new friends, and try new things in a supportive environment, but to also work when they can. Working when you can fit it into your schedule is a great way to get started without feeling pressured by a schedule or skill sets of others.


2-Get Involved in Your Community Art Scene


Always wanted to attend a fashion show or art opening? Find one in your local paper and go for it! There are many websites that help you find community events such as Brüha, Culture Days and Akimbo.


My favorite events are underground arts openings-some of the best places to get inspired while meeting interesting people and unique artists who are typically friendly and very welcoming of new people to the art world. In Vancouver, I have always enjoyed events like East Side Culture Crawl, Car Free Days, and community farmer’s markets.


3-Try Something New


Sounds simple right? It can be if you really just DO IT! If you’ve always wanted to try a cooking class, look for a deal online and register for something at a cooking school or community centre.


Trying new things helps us get out of our comfort zones and in turn, helps you get inspired to start our own projects. Ever wanted to try your hand at making a crochet scarf or growing your own vegetables? Once you start one new thing, you’ll be inspired to start another! From there, your creative juices will be flowing and you’ll find plenty of inspiration everywhere to do creative things in your spare time!


4-Redecorate A Room in Your Home


When was the last time you integrated a new piece of art in your home or office? Redecorating helps you find new found ways to spruce up your home or office and in the process, you might find an artist you really enjoy to learn about or a new type of interior design to work from. Redecorating also stimulates your brain in new ways! Just try changing up your bedroom and see how different you feel afterwards!


5-Look for Foreign Films


Foreign films for me have always been something to turn to if I’m not feeling inspired with what I have access to in my area. I find foreign films intriguing, mysterious, creative and imaginative. Some of my favourites are Amelie and Jeux d’Enfants. I also enjoy exploring foreign short films-there is no shortage via the Internet and if you check your local area, you might even find local film festivals to attend at a fraction of the cost of mainstream movie theatres.


The best thing to do is really just go for it-some of the best work I have seen created is when people just make a point of pursuing being creative-whatever that means to them. If you are looking for more tips, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch. Sign up here.


Monika B Guest Blogger

Monika Blichar is an Entrepreneur and Artist. She is owner of MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery in North Vancouver and producer of Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. She is always pushing boundaries as an artist and creative entrepreneur. Her love of the arts has been a part of her life since childhood.


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