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New Hamilton Restaurant: Bar Izakaya

Bar Izakaya Bento Box

New Hamilton Restaurant, Bar Izakaya opens its doors.

Hamilton, meet Bar Izakaya . Bar Izakaya, meet Hamilton.

This new Hamilton restaurant is located on Hamilton’s James Street North (275 James North, in the BMO plaza). Bar Izakaya is run and operated by the same (and awesome) group that’s responsible for bringing us Eat Industries Inc. You know those amazing Taqueria and Ramen places in the Hamilton’s Farmers Market? Yup, that’s them too!

Bar Izakaya Open

Photography Credit: @eat_izakaya (Instagram)

Alright, I know what you’re thinking.

Where does the word ‘Izakaya’ come from and what does it mean? 

For those who aren’t too familiar with the word, Izakaya are a type of informal Japanese gastropub. Often, Izakaya are referred to as akachochin, or ‘red lantern’ in daily conversation, which is why you’ll notice paper lanterns or signs of lanterns in front of them.

Traditionally, Izakaya are known to be casual places for after-work gatherings. AKA after-work boozing, with a little bit of snacking of course… to help keep the drinks down [insert beer emoji here]. But don’t let that stop you there, Bar Izakaya is the perfect spot for a lunch-time meeting or even an alternative if you’re looking for a new date spot (you can thank us later).

Bar Izakaya Lantern

Photography Credit: @eat_izakaya (Instagram)

With 2 different menus, one for lunch and one for dinner, there’s a great mix of dishes and definitely something for everyone. I’ve personally tried items from both menus and let me tell you, there’s no shortage of deliciousness on either of them.

For starters, and if you’re looking for some variety, then the Bento Box is calling your name. You can choose between land (meats), sea (fish), and a vegetarian Bento Box.

Bar Izakaya Bento Box

And there’s nothing better than flushing down that Bento Box of yours (or whatever else you decide to order, of course) with a pint of Sapporo. Actually, scratch the pint. Go with the stein… you want the stein.

Bar Izakaya Sapporo

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new place for after-work drinks, a new lunch spot for a business meeting, a new date spot, or if you’re just feeling adventurous, Bar Izakaya is a must-try in our books. You’ll soon realize why.

Feeling like it’s time to try Bar Izakaya? Great idea! Head straight down (or up, according to a map) James Street North and look for the Red Lantern in the BMO parking lot. If you’ve passed the BMO and Barton Street, then you’ve definitely gone too far.

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