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  • Burlington’s YogaFest Returns: Equinox III

Burlington’s YogaFest Returns: Equinox III

YogaFest Equinox III - Burlington - Bruha

Burlington’s YogaFest Returns: Equinox III


Back again at The Burlington Convention Centre on March 17th-18th, YogaFest hosts their next event called Equinox III.


This year’s theme and focus is all around shifting community experiences and inspiring a deeper connection within ones self & the world around 🌎💫.


Equinox III has been transitioned into a large 2-day experience, with all day yoga classes in the DreamForest, interactive art installations, live music performances, exhilarating workshops, and much more!


In addition to that, the two-day festival will be experienced in a space filled with mind enhancing decorative themes, conscious business vendors, unique & nutritious foods as well as meditation & stillness 🤸🏻‍♀️. Something for everyone!


This year’s festival also features YogaFest Photo Sets & presentations of inspiration from international keynotes & speakers! 


Here’s what you can look forward to at this year’s festival.


The DreamForest 🌴🍄

Features all day yoga classes presented by local studios & international keynotes. It embodies a rainforest with a dream-like, creative atmosphere.


The Zen Lounge 🧚🏼‍♀️🌙💆🏻‍♀️

Glows orange & red with salt lamps & crystals with Dream catchers hanging from the ceiling. Here’s where the festival hosts keynotes & interactive workshops as well as holistic healing sessions.


Magical Market 🥥🌎🥑

Over 40 local vendors can be found selling & promoting their conscious products/foods as well as educating all attendees on their business & intent.


Musicians 🎶🎸

Talented & passionate musicians play live throughout the days here & entertain attendees with a range of diverse musical genres.


Creative Canvases 🎨👩🏻‍🎨

The collective interactive art space for people of all ages. An opportunity to pick up a paint brush and express yourself on custom mandala designed murals.


The Still Point 🧘🏻‍♀🙏🏻

An art installation created with intent to inspire meditation & mindfulness. It is a silent place of solitude & rejuvenation for all to enjoy.


YogaFestation 📱✨


Here you can find interactive photo sets, merchandise & other unique activities for you to share the journey digitally with your friends & families.


Let’s not forget about the important YogaFest Essentials:


Yoga Mat – If you will be doing yoga, it’s advised you bring your own mat! A yoga towel, blocks and other yoga props may also come in handy for some of the classes. There will also be amazing vendors with yoga equipment for purchase.


Water Bottle – It is important to stay hydrated all day, especially when practising yoga and being active! Hydration stations will be available throughout the day and night, but please bring your own bottle to be as eco-friendly as possible.


Comfortable/Creative Clothing – This is a space of self expression so come dressed as vibrant as you like! Be sure to wear something comfortable because you’ll be doing lots of yoga and activities!


An Open Mind & an Open Heart – Open your mind and open your heart, to the endless possibilities that will come from this experience. Show up with no expectation, just an intent trusting that this is for your highest, and greatest good!


Release your fears of the unknown, leave the ego at the door, bask in the vibes, just breathe, just be.

Don’t forget to get your tickets and join the journey here#FollowtheFeeling


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