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Checklist for Your Next Exhibition

Checklist Art Exhibition


Checklist for Your Next Exhibition


One of the ways that I make sure to get things done is to have a list. My journal, day planner and my phone are full of checklists and because I practice this habit, I know that I get much more done than sometimes I even plan to.


As someone who organizes and produces events, I often get asked about what kinds of things are needed to prepare for an exhibition.


Here are my top five tips when preparing for an event! If they help you, please be sure to share them with your artist friends!


1-Internet Listings and Social Media


The Internet is your friend! There are many ways that you can utilize and leverage the Internet and Social Media sites to help you share the news that you will be exhibiting. In fact, if you are not using them, you are doing your brand a huge disservice. At the very least, I would recommend creating the following:


A-Banner Ad for Facebook


Ask your organizer for a banner ad and then add your name to the banner and post on your personal Facebook page and Business Fan page. Make sure to include a link to the event and if you have an affiliate link, be sure to post it so that you earn credit for ticket sales.


B-Flyer for Twitter and Instagram


Ask your organizer for a flyer and then add your name to it and post on all your social media accounts. Be sure to include the website to the event.


C-Event Page for Facebook


Create your own event page on Facebook and invite your contacts to attend. Post products that you will be showing and selling every couple of days, do giveaways in the page for your followers and fans, and make sure that you highlight why they should come to the event.


From time to time, be sure to post in the official event page for your event also, as there will be people there who won’t be in your network. If you are organized and have links to an online store, you may even harness a few sales prior to the event by posting links to your Etsy shop or online store on your website.




Being organized is a huge step to being a successful artist. When preparing for an event, be sure that you are organized in terms of your inventory, signage, marketing materials and branding. Art collectors are always looking for fresh talent to invest in but more often than not, won’t invest in an artist who isn’t willing to invest in him or herself.


A few things to be sure that you have in your exhibition space are:

-a draw box for a contest where you can also collect emails and keep in touch with guests after the show

-professional business or postcards to give to guests

-a banner or professional sign for your company

-all inventory professionally tagged, priced, and displayed

-professional bags, wrapping, and receipt book for sales


3-Prepare Your Display 


The best way to be prepared and make it an easy set up and take down is to set up your display prior to any event, take a photo and then pack exactly what you have prepared.


Setting up your booth in your studio beforehand allows you to have a look to see what works and what doesn’t and also allows you to be organized. Be sure to remember things like table cloths, backdrops, displays and be organized and neat about how you set up your display.


In my experience, less is definitely more. Avoid clutter and bringing too much; more than likely, it will distract your guests. If you really want people to see more of your work, bring a tablet that has a rotating display.


I encourage you to bring only your top sellers for people to see and purchase. If they want more or they’re interested in commissioning you, they will come to your studio or gallery.


4-Press Releases & Newsletters


This is a very important step which many artists fail to complete. If you don’t send your announcements out via press releases to local media and your own newsletter list, how will you expect new people to hear about you?


The advantage of sending out press releases to new media outlets is that you might be featured outside of the normal show promotions. Standing out on a blog, tv show morning episode, or on a Youtubber account has many benefits which help raise your brand awareness and make you stand out at the event and long after it is over.


Be sure to send your newsletter subscribers email reminders about the upcoming events you are participating in too. They will want to know what you’re up to so be sure to be regularly sending newsletters that are interesting, engaging and informative!


5-After the Show


Last but likely most importantly, what you do AFTER the event is what is going to count long after the event has completed. My top recommendations are:

-add your emails into your newsletter database as soon as possible and be sure to send new subscribers a thank you for visiting

-post images of your exhibition on all your social media networks

-follow up with the organizers for any photos from photographers or media at the event

-write notes about what worked and what didn’t

-follow up with any leads


I encourage you to try to complete as many of these as possible not only to increase the chances of sales but also to enhance your brand recognition and viability in a competitive market. If you do get through the list, I also encourage you to write to me and tell me how these strategies helped you in your exhibition!


Good luck!



Monika B Guest Blogger

Monika Blichar is an Entrepreneur and Artist. She is owner of MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery in North Vancouver and producer of Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. She is always pushing boundaries as an artist and creative entrepreneur. Her love of the arts has been a part of her life since childhood.



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