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Comedy in the Hammer: Terris Taylor

Comedy in the Hammer week 6


Hey guys, welcome back to Comedy in the Hammer! As always we sit down with a local comedian and let you know what shows are happening in the city this week!


This week I’m joined by my good friend Terris Taylor. Terris and I are brothers in sketch comedy. We participated in Hamilton Sketchpack together and work QUITE well with each other!! Terris runs shows out of his house. If you haven’t checked it out, you have to go. The next one is this Friday.


comedy in the hammer terris taylor


MS: How long has the show been going for?


TT:I started Comedy House Show in June of 2016 with my sketch troupe Safety Zoo. However before that we were producing a show called Three’s Comedy, that was the blueprint for this show.


MS: Where is the show/when does it start/is there any cost?


TT: The show is at my house aka The Strangebarn. It’s a house in the James North Neighbourhood. I’d tell you the address but then I’d have to kill you. Doors are at 9 pm and the comedy starts at 10 pm sharp. The show is $10, which is a great deal, because it turns into a house party after. $10 for a show and a cool house party? Yes.


MS: How often does the show happen?


TT: We do the show monthly, usually the Saturday after Art Crawl.


MS: How long have you been doing stand up for?


TT: I started doing stand up in 2014, but I’ve been doing improv and sketch comedy for a million years now.


MS: What makes the show different than others?


TT: It’s in my living room! And it’s hosted by my sketch troupe, Safety Zoo. Speaking of sketch we also have sketch and improv troupes on the show pretty often, we also have loads of stand up, we’re comedy agnostic. And you can bring your own drinks and enjoy a fun party after the show. If anyone else is doing that I’d like to come, but I understand if you don’t want to give the address out on the internet.


MS: What’s your favourite part of running the show?


TT: Writing the monologue jokes each month. Every month we do a Weekend Update style piece where we riff on the news, especially local news, we love riffing on Hamilton news. Although two of us deliver it, so I guess it’s not a monologue, more of a bialogue, that’s a thing right?


MS: Do you have any stories of something unexpected that’s happened at a show?


TT: During our Supercrawl show, we broke some glass on stage during a sketch and in the chaos didn’t get a chance to clean it. Our headliner Jordan Foisy was about to go on, and I realized he was walking around the house bare foot. I quickly warned him, and he looked at me like John McClane from Die Hard, and said he was going on without shoes. He danced around the glass during his set and really made the audience nervous, but also killed. It was really special.


MS: Are there any lineups coming up you’re excited about?


TT: Ya! The one this Saturday January 14th! We’ve got Gavin Stephens, Michelle Zhitomirsky, and an improv troupe called Pepperoni Pizza Cats. Doors at 9, show starts at 10 pm sharp!


Hub of the Hammer Events puts on a few local comedy events throughout the city but what about the rest of them? There’s some great shows going on you might not know about so here’s what’s happening this week:


YukYuk’s Amateur Night

Wednesday, January 11th @ 9pm

Host: Patrick Coppolino

Venue: YukYuk’s Hamilton

Cost: $5


Baltimore House Music & Comedy Show

Wednesday, January 11th @ 9pm

Host: Kev Sheeler

Venue: Baltimore House, Hamilton

Cost: Free



Wednesday, January 11th @ 9pm

Host: Dan Peters

Venue: Cloud Nine, Hamilton

420 Friendly


The Understudies: Swipe Right for Love

Saturday, January 14th @ 8pm

Host: The Understudies

Time: 9 PM

Venue: The Staircase Theatre, Hamilton

Cost: $10


Comedy House Show

Saturday, January 14th @ 10pm

Host: Safety Zoo

Venue: The Strangebarn, Hamilton

Cost: $10


The Comedy Gala

Monday, January 16th @ 9pm

Host: Isi Commisso

Venue: Gallaghers

Cost: Free


Emerson 109

Tuesday, January 17th @ 9pm

Host: Jordan Scherer

Venue: 109 Emerson St

Cost: Free


Tuesday, January 17th @ 9pm

Host: Dan Brennan

Venue: Lionshead Pub

Cost: Free


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