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Comedy in the Hammer: Michael Ashdown

Comedy in the Hammer


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Hello again! Welcome back to this week’s Comedy in the Hammer. Not only do we have a list of the shows you can check out this week around town, I sat down with local comedian Michael Ashdown to get his take on the comedy scene. Enjoy!


Comedy in Hamilton Michael Ashdown


How long have you been doing stand up for?


Three months. First show was your Zylas show in September. (Editors Note: The First Timers Club is a show Hub of the Hammer Runs at Zylas once a month to encourage people to try stand up comedy. The next one is Thursday, December 15th at 7:30 pm).


What’s your favourite room to perform at in the city?


Not too much exposure, and I’m also biased because I work at Gallagher’s. But, Mondays at Gallies has been great so far.


How do you usually deal with hecklers. Do you have any good stories??


Not so far, most people have been very kind to my material. I’m waiting for that one bro, though…


What advice would you give newer comics?


You’re bad. But don’t worry about it, because I’m not very good either. We all start terrible, and the ones get good are the ones that stick with it. But starting in Matt’s First Timers Room really helps.


What’s the one joke you’ve tried over and over again to make work but for whatever reason cannot get right?


I have a bit where I exclaim, “the key to climate change is only having sex with people who drive electric cars.” I think the problem is, that it’s a good idea and not a good joke.


Where can we check you out online?


Right now, I’m on all socials @iamhashbrown (Twitter/Instram/SnapChat), I’m hopefully going to do a website soon.


Are there any videos we can see online?


There are, but I want to curate a few more before I go showing people all willy-nilly.


Hub of the Hammer Events puts on a few comedy events throughout the city but what about the rest of them? There’s some great shows going on you might not know about so here’s what’s happening this week (Dec 14th – 20th):


YukYuk’s Amateur Night

Wednesday December 14th @ 9pm

Host: Patrick Coppolino

Venue: YukYuk’s Hamilton

Cost: $5


Baltimore House Music & Comedy Show

Wednesday December 14th @ 9pm

Host: Kev Sheeler

Venue: Baltimore House, Hamilton

Cost: Free



Wednesday December 14th @ 9pm

Host: Dan Peters

Venue: Cloud Nine, Hamilton

420 Friendly


The First Timers Club

Thursday December 15th @ 7:15pm

Host: Matthew Surina

Venue: Zylas (299 James Street North), Hamilton

Cost: Free


Radio Project X and Spadina Station

Saturday December 17th @ 9pm

Radio Project X comes to Hamilton for the first time bringing with them fifteen humorous radio plays (mostly new but a few old favourites). Five incredibly versatile voice actors, aided only by sound effects and music, play dozens of characters in the format of an old-time radio production. What’s funny about Stonehenge? How does a struggling production company add value to its shows? Plus a very personalized message from Santa himself.

Venue: The Staircase Theatre

Cost: $20


The Comedy Gala

Monday December 19th @ 9pm

Host: Isi Commisso

Venue: Gallaghers

Cost: Free


Emerson 109

Tuesday, December 20th @ 9pm

Host: Jordan Scherer

Venue: 109 Emerson St

Cost: Free


Tuesday, December 20th @ 9pm

Host: Dan Brennan

Venue: Lionshead Pub

Cost: Free


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