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Why You Need to Use a Content Calendar For Your Event

content calendar for your event


In this blog post we’ll be covering what a content calendar is and the importance of using one to help you make better decisions and execute your marketing strategy more effectively.  We’ll also take a look a list of sample templates so that you can put one to good use for your next event.


So let’s get started with the first important question.


What Are Content Calendars?


Content calendars are exactly what you might just be thinking they are.


A way to organize, plan and keep track of upcoming content that you’ll be posting and distributing to market/sell your event.


It’s important to keep in mind that there are actually different types of content calendars.


For example, a social media content calendar would focus on planning content specifically for social media, whereas an editorial calendar is something that you’d be using to plan content assets such as videos, images, blog posts, etc.


The reality is that content calendars are one of the most effective ways to stay consistent, give you clarity and visibility, accountability and so much more. In other words they help you execute your plan and stay on track.


We’ll explore some of the benefits of using a content calendar below. So let’s get to it!


Reasons You Should Be Using a Content Calendar


The reasons are endless, but we’ll focus on 5 of (what we think) are the top reasons why you should be using a content calendar for your events.


1 | Organize Your Content


I know what you’re thinking, a calendar to stay organized.. way too obvious, right? Yes, right. But the reality of it is that content calendars are one of the most underutilized tools that can really help you stay on track.


The benefit to staying organized means that you have a lot more visibility on what you’re publishing, where you’ll be posting it, when it’s going out, and who’s responsible for making that happen.


We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail, so make sure you stick to your content calendar regularly.


Lastly, just remember that consistency is key!


2 | Remember Important Dates


The next benefit of sticking to a content calendar is ensuring that you’re not forgetting or missing to post about important dates – vendor updates, ticket dates, music lineup announcements, special promotions, you name it.


Having your content calendar up to date is a great way to plan for these dates and make sure that you’re important messages are getting out to avoid last minute scrambles.


3 | Allocating Resources Effectively


Having things planned out well in advance ensures that you’re allocating your resources effectively and not scrambling last minute to create copy, posters, videos and any other updates where you might need to rely on other people and various tools.


At the end of the day, it helps to ensure that you rarely miss your deadlines and that you’re more likely to publish quality content when you’re intending to.


4 | Saving Time (Seriously, Lots of Time!)


While there might be some upfront legwork to do (like many things), planning your content and ahead of time, knowing exactly how, when and where you’re pushing out new content and messages will end of saving you an insane amount of time in the long run.


And importantly, like I mentioned above, it reduces the chances and the risk of scrambling last minute to put things together, which ends of saving even more time and quality above all.


Moral of the story here is to put the upfront time in to save you time, quality and headaches down the road.


5 | Understand What’s Working


Last but definitely not least, planning your marketing content/efforts will help you gain a better understanding or what works, when it works and why it works. Ultimately this leads to an increased success rate (could be engagement, or ticket sales directly) and helps you create better content that stands out to your audience.


It’s important that you are always keeping tabs on your content and your marketing performance to continue optimizing your posts, messages, content to deliver quality and sell more tickets.


For some tricks and tips on selling tickets, check out our recent post (The 5 Best Strategies To Sell More Tickets).


Bonus: Start Using A Content Calendar Today


Don’t have a content calendar yet? Here’s a list of content calendar templates that  you can start using for your next event. All you need to do is start filling it in, planning out your content, the channels you’ll be using and stick with it! Show me the list.




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