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Empowerment Squared 10 Year Anniversary Gala

Empowerment Squared Gala - LEO

Empowerment Squared 10 Year Anniversary Gala


Empowerment Squared is a Canadian charity, based out of Hamilton, that works with individuals and communities to effect sustainable change. Over the past 10 years, Empowerment Squared has been supporting youth and individuals through academic mentoring, leadership development and access to sports and recreation opportunities.


Officially marking its 10th year, Empowerment Squared their 10 year anniversary fundraising gala on May 5th at Hamilton’s LIUNA Station.


The organization will be welcoming guests and dignitaries from across North America, Europe, and Africa.


Guests, volunteers, staff, and the community will be celebrating 10 years of developing young leaders and building better communities. The theme for this year’s 10 year anniversary is The Power of People, something that has led the way for Empowerment Squared since day one.


Empowerment Squared is proud to have now assisted over 1500 newcomer youth and families with settling in Canada and beginning to give back to their community, and is excited to have made significant progress towards opening the groundbreaking Liberian Learning Center.


In spite of very few financial resources, the organization has found success through tens of thousands of hours of volunteering, incredible amounts of resourcefulness, and a sincere commitment to making a difference.


Thinking about attending this year to celebrate the amazing work this organization has done? Sign up and reserve your gala spot here.



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