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Some Food for Thought with Adam Chiaravalle


I grab the bus along Stone Church and I often marvel at how many times there is just one person in the car. So much of the car is empty, unused and essentially wasted. We live in a capitalist world and capitalism places paramount importance on efficiency. However, there is really nothing efficient about one person driving a car.


Any who, I find myself waiting for the bus on a cold and snowy day thinking about the warm soup my mom is making for dinner. Yes, of course there are multitudes of single-car drivers flying by me. Upon all the motorized hectic-ness there was an anomaly, a thing that should never happen, a sight as rare as finding a legendary Pokémon in the grass.


In all the slush and snow there was a person riding a bike! The kicker is the man riding the bike had a smile on his face. It was remarkable to physically see such an take place on the escarpment. I am calling this illustrious sighting as ‘the beacon of light in the blizzardy snow”. I was lucky enough to spot that this happy man’s bicycle had compartment on it and on this compartment read “Bikeables delivering the goods”.


Now I really thought I was in a dream.


I do not know what this man was delivering or where he was delivering it to, but one thing was certain he was riding with vigor and purpose. Most of us do not even ride a bike in the summer time, let alone in the winter; but this man was going against the grain.


Another way in which this bikeables bike rider was going against the grain was he was delivering things the old fashioned way, that is without the use of a motorized vehicle. A proponent of efficiency would chime in here and say this man using a bike to deliver goods is absolutely mad. Who would deliver something via bike when they could do it in half the time with a car? Most of society would never think twice, let alone once, about delivering something by bike. Cars are the way to go, haven’t you heard bikeables man!?


Back to efficiency, while this man is delivering goods he is also simultaneously getting exercise, and the goods will get to their desired location just the same as if they were delivered by car. I do not know about you but delivering goods and burning fat at the same time sounds super efficient to me.


Also, using a bike as a form of delivery, instead of a car or truck is amazing for the environment, as it emits no pollution.


We live in a time of climate change and since this is the case we have to live more sustainably. A bike allowing for us to individually improve our health and the health of the planet is a great example of one baking their cake and eating it too.


And if you’re not familiar with Bikeables, they’re a Hamilton-based startup delivering all the goods from bread to beer… Yes, even beer! Check them out here to find out more information.


When you are down and in a state of despair in whatever mission you are on, remember:  there is a man out their riding a bike no matter what the conditions to delivery good things to people. Mom is calling me for dinner. Just leaving you with some food for thought (pun intended), talk soon!




Adam Chiaravalle Bruha Blogger

Adam Chiaravalle is a 4th year Political Science student at McMaster that is devoted believer of local food in Hamilton. Everything starts with food and this why it should be near and dear to our hearts.

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