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Guest Blogger Introduction: Meet Chanty

Muses and Stuff Intro


Hi, I’m Chanty! I’m the new guest blogger for Brüha and I’m here to talk about rock and roll… and stuff.


Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I will be your teeny tiny tour guide around the music scene in Toronto (where I currently live), Peterborough and Halifax (where I used to live) and all around this wild world (where I’ve been and where I’m going).  You can put on Cat Steven’s “Wild World” for the remainder of this blog post, if you like.


I’m here to do 2 things: a) spread the message of peace, love, friendship and community and b) have a ball and talk about music.


Let’s address these two things separately.


Beginning with a) I want to be your friend. Even if you have a lot, even if you have a few, even if you have very little, you’ve got a friend ‘til end! Kind of like Chucky, but in a sweet, non-murdery kind of way. Hmm, maybe that’s not the analogy for friendship I was going for, but it is almost Halloween and I did just watch Child’s Play 2.


Allow me to rephrase that. How about a few rock ‘n’ roll references! As Randy Newman once said, “We’ll stick together and see it through cause youuuuuu’ve got a friend in ME”! I’m pretty sure James Taylor also had something to say about having a friend in him, so you can use that if it tickles your fancy. Haven’t quite hooked you in yet? What about Todd Rundgren’s “Can we still be friends”? Maybe I’ll save that until I’ve somehow offended you along the way, because I do believe in owning up to my mistakes and taking responsibility for my actions, but I digress. Truthfully, I just wanted to add him in because I want to plug my podcast, but more on that later.


b) I like to have a ball and I like to talk about music. I grew up in a very musical household with a family who played “guess what song just came on the radio and bonus points if you know who sang/ wrote/ produced/ covered it… “ So, I have an extensive knowledge of music history. My favourite band of all time is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers but for some unknown reason the most albums by one artist in my record collection is Steely Dan. If someone asks me “What kind of music do you like”, I’ve found it easiest to answer simply with “Dad rock”.


One of my best childhood memories is having friends over and watching Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense” with my mom. When “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) came on, my mom made everyone shut the hell up and “LISTEN TO WHAT HE’S SAYING!!” I later learned that David Byrne wrote that song about nothing and no one in particular and wanted to create a cliché love song that could appeal to everyone. Well, B-I-N-G-O, David!


Finally, I’m here to connect you to some music happenings (great shows coming up in the city and surrounding areas, new great venues, old great venues, places to take rock stars after a gig, wink wink!), and simply entertain you with some podcasts, musings (you’ll get what I did there in a second) and conversation.


Speaking of podcasts! You can listen to my podcast “Muses and Stuff”, which is a weekly show celebrating the lives and stories of rock ‘n’ roll’s Groupies and Muses. Every week I sit down with one guest and tell them a story about an incredible woman who inspired some of the best music of our lifetime by simply being her strong, sexy, intelligent and beautiful self.  Yes, I realize that this podcast comes off as women being the muse and the men being the music makers (which, granted is most often the case), but don’t worry I’ll cover all angles. And it may also seem that I’m only interested in music history from the 60’s and 70s (which, granted is most often the case), I’ll hit you with some modern and contemporary material from time to time. I like to have a little something for everyone.


Here are some things I have planned for us. I’d like to teach you something you didn’t already know about rock n roll music, and if you can teach me something too, that’d be great, but good luck tryin’! I’d also like to tell you some stories. Some real good stories.


I don’t like to say the word literally too often, but I’ve literally taken a page from the book of Pamela Des Barres, the most famous of the Groupies. She’s also an incredible author, an ordained minister and last but not least, friend and Muse to the likes of Jimmy Page, Michael Des Barres, Mike Jagger, and Keith Moon, to name a few! I plan on reclaiming the word “Groupie”, meanwhile celebrating and empowering women who aren’t afraid to go after what (and who) they want!


I’ll also be recording my commentary on rock ‘n’ roll movies I enjoy, my fave rockumentaries (Runnin’ Down a Dream!), movies with incredible soundtracks and so on. Don’t have plans on Saturday night? Subscribe to my podcast and/ or follow me on Twitter. You’ll never feel lonely again (not guaranteed because I don’t know your life).


So, you can find me in iTunes at Muses and Stuff Podcast

on instagram @musesandstuffpodcast

e-mail me at

and follow me on twitter @ChantySavicky


Well, that’s all for now folks. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Yours in love and rock,




P.S. A car JUST drove by my house blasting Sheryl Crowe’s “All I Wanna Do”. And it’s true! All I wanna do is have some fun. I got a feelin’… I’m not the only one.





Chanty loves making new friends. From her humble roots growing up in Northern Ontario, she went on a quest for love and friendship around the world and wound up knee deep in the hoopla that is Rock and Roll.

She has lived and rocked out in Peterborough, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia before travelling to Nepal and Europe to practice yoga, make lifelong pals, climb some mountains and live in an Art Haus. She currently resides in Toronto.

You can listen to Chanty’s podcast Muses and Stuff on iTunes.

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