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The Hamilton Bengals Lacrosse

Hamilton Bengals Lacrosse vs London - Bruha Events


The Hamilton Bengals Lacrosse 2018 Season.


Lacrosse in Hamilton?! Yup, and good Lacrosse at that too!

We’re proud to announce that we’re officially partnering with The Hamilton Bengals as their online ticketing provider for this year’s 2018 season.

The team is coming off a strong 2017 season and is looking to capitalize on this momentum by working together with us as a way to begin offering online sales and spread local awareness about the sport and the organization.

Lacrosse is such an intense, fast-pace, entertaining and fan-friendly game – naturally, the Bengals want more people in Hamilton to experience it.

“We want to make coming to a Bengals’ game as easy and convenient as possible,” explains the Bengals’ vice-president, Gary Gallant.

““The service Bruha provides enables us to promote and sell tickets to our games better and helps us to introduce the game to people who may not be familiar with us; we’re definitely one of Hamilton’s best kept secrets, but we’re planning to change that.”


Hamilton Bengals Lacrosse Organization - Diving to the netPicture taken from the 2017 Hamilton Bengals Season


We see this as being a huge opportunity for both organizations. Importantly, our goal is to help the Bengals organization reach new audiences – giving them a chance to enjoy some entertainment they may have never discovered. And this could also help grow the sport – Canada’s original national sport – in the Hamilton community.

The Hamilton Bengals are owned by the Hamilton Lacrosse Association – the organization that manages youth Lacrosse here in Hamilton. Enhancing the support for the Bengals also has the bonus benefit of helping ensure a strong and stable youth Lacrosse program in the city.

For information on upcoming games and to purchase your tickets online checkout Hamilton Bengals Upcoming Games.


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