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Spotlight Hamilton Organization: Hamilton HIVE

Hamilton Organization HIVEPhoto Cred: Hamilton HIVE

Spotlight Feature on Local Hamilton Organization: Hamilton HIVE

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this local Hamilton Organization, Hamilton HIVE is a nonprofit organization and Hamilton’s umbrella organization for YPs (Young Professionals). HIVE is dedicated to attracting and advancing emerging leaders and young professionals in the Hamilton area.

Over the past couple of years, Hamilton HIVE has become a go-to resource and network for young professionals seeking professional development and opportunities to further develop and thrive in their lives.

HIVE attracts and advances people of all ages and across all sectors, industries and backgrounds. Although their target audience is YPs aged 18-39, HIVE welcomes anyone and everyone who is interested and invested in building the next generation of leaders. As they always put it and like to joke about it, they never check IDs at the door. They’re always looking for Young Professionals to engage with and are always hosting great events. For you, that means the opportunities are always there.

Hamilton Organization HIVEPhoto Cred: Hamilton HIVE

If I could sum up Hamilton HIVE in 3 words it would be these: Collaboration, Inclusivity and Engagement.


HIVE facilitates the collaboration and exchange of networks and resources between organizations and individuals to collectively enhance the young demographic in Hamilton. Organizations such as City HYP, CLiC, FUSE and YEP! Hamilton are all member organizations affiliated with HIVE.

Get familiar with all of the other Hamilton HIVE member organizations.


HIVE attracts and advances people aged 18-39 across all sectors, industries and backgrounds. The encompasses Young Professionals of all kinds; whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, just starting out on your career, or have been working in your industry for 10+ years, all are welcomed. HIVE member groups span across a very wide range of sectors and industries including: arts, culture, music, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, health care, media, construction, architecture and and sustainability.


HIVE continually seeks to foster a culture of community engagement and contribute to city building for a sustainable Hamilton. The organization is always looking for YPs (again, that’s Young Professionals) to engage with and help further develop their professional skills.

Upcoming #HIVEX2016 Conference

On November 5, 2016, Hamilton HIVE will host HIVEX, an annual Young Professionals’ conference. The HIVEX conference is an amazing one-day event that aims to empower and advance emerging leaders and Young Professionals. The event features keynote speaker Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO of CivicAction, interactive workshops, and breakout sessions to enhance community involvement and cultivate the necessary skills relevant to both students and professionals for personal and career success.

Hamilton Organization HIVE

The theme this year is Engage with a collective focus on cultivating engagement within the Hamilton community and addressing issues that affect all young professionals today across various industries.

HIVE’s goal is to bring 300+ emerging and established leaders, working professionals, post-secondary students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers and more to The Cotton Factory for a full day of thought-provoking speakers and skill-building workshops.

What’s even better is that you can get your tickets for HIVEX: Engage Conference by heading over to our main site. And while you’re at that, don’t forget to checkout this year’s HIVEX 2016 partners.

You can also view a list the full list of all Hamilton HIVE’s upcoming Events this year. We suggest checking in regularly and following them along on social media (Hamilton HIVE Facebook, Hamilton HIVE Twitter) to get yourself more familiar with the Organization and any new Events coming you way.

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