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Hamilton’s #Novemburger 2016 is Almost Here!

Hamilton Novemburger

November 2016 + Burgers = Novemburger 2016.


Get ready Hamilton and Burlington! November is going to be best month of the year and not only because it’s when my birthday is. *wink, wink…nudge, nudge*


This November marks the third annual Novemburger, which is organized by Urbanicity and is in support of United Way Burlington & Greater Hamilton. Over the past two years, citizens have participated by eating various gastronomic burger creations from restaurants all over the city. Even restaurants that don’t specialize in burgers have joined in on the fun, including past creations like Mezcal TNT’s “aPORKalypse NOW” and NaRoma’s “NaRoma Burger” pizza. Urbanicity sums up the city wide festival in three words: “eat, rate, repeat”. Here’s how they tie into this year’s festival:


Eat – Visit various participating restaurants to taste the delicious burger creations.  Proceeds from each sale are donated to United Way.


Rate – Head over to and rate the burger you indulged over earlier!


Repeat – As any “burger lover” will tell you – if they could eat burgers for every meal of the day, they would! (Okay that’s a little extreme, but you get my point…)


Hamilton Novemburger Tweet


Since the official list for Novemburger 2016 isn’t available until November 1st at 12:00am, let me highlight previous burgers from the first two years of Novemburger…


Jonny Blonde voted last year as “Favourite Burger”


Hamilton Novemburger BlondePhoto Credit: Jonny Blonde (Instagram)


Hambrgr had the most burgers sold during the festival last year.


Hamilton Novemburger HambrgrPhoto Credit: Matthew Gamble


Above are the all stars from 2015. But it’s a new year, which means a new Novemburger! Who will be the King of The Hamburger this year? You have the chance to decide this year and help the less fortunate in our community. Hope to see you out there chowing down on some scrumptious burgers.


Matthew Gamble

Guest Blogger & Ambassador – Matthew Gamble

 Matthew Gamble is a Marketing & Advertising Professional, and a proud Hamilton citizen with a love for delicious food and pop culture.

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