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Happening at CLUB ABSINTHE [Nov 2017]

Motown nights, the 2014 Waken Open Air winners Mutank, Quarter in the Bag and Silverstein, November is another big month for the Hamilton’s premier live music venue, Club Absinthe.




⊕Rock ⊕Pop

$10 DOOR    |     9:00 PM    |    19+    |

With special guests Holy Smokes and Eric Brandon

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Nenad Brankovich

⊕Serbian ⊕Rock

$25 + S.C    |     9:00 PM    |    19+    |


Epic. Serbian. Music.

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WED NOV 8, 15, 22, 29: 

Motown Night

⊕Motown ⊕Dance ⊕Party

No Cover    |     10:00 PM    |    19+    |

Always a legendary party night for university students and the like.

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FRI NOV 10: 

Born in the Eighties

⊕80’s Pop & Rock ⊕Dance ⊕Party

$10 DOOR    |     10:00 PM    |    19+    |

Born in the 80’s goes down every Art Crawl (second Friday of each month) and is the place to be to dance your face off which a bunch of Millennial.

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SAT NOV 11: 


⊕Metal ⊕Hardcore

$12 DOOR    |     9:00 PM    |    19+    |

With special guests Sludgehammer, Astaroth Incarnate, Aepoch, Death Perception

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FRI NOV 17: 

Quarter in the Bag

⊕Rock ⊕Garage ⊕Distortion

$10 DOOR    |     9:00 PM    |    19+    |

With special guests Slo Motions, Further the Lion, Barefoot Scarecrow


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SAT NOV 18: 

90’s Rager

⊕90’s ⊕Pop & Rock ⊕Dance Party

$5 DOOR    |     10:00 PM    |    19+    |

All your favourite 90’s tracks, rock and pop. Who said the kids don’t know how to dance to rock and roll..

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THU NOV 23: 


⊕Screamo ⊕Pop ⊕Punk

$20 + S.C    |     7:00 PM    |    All Ages    |


With special guests Seaway, Creeper

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SUN NOV 26: 

Zebra and the Bandit + Special Guests

⊕Rock ⊕Heavy

$10 + S.C    |     7:00 PM    |    All Ages    |

With special guests Rosewood Annie, Dawn Valley, Big Brother, Minority 905

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Learn more of all the other stuff happening at the Club Absinthe  ⇒ HERE! ⇐


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