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Brüha is your local entertainment and ticketing platform that streamlines the process of finding local things to do and purchasing tickets. We make it easy for you to find local experiences by exploring Events, Venues & Organizations near you.

Here’s Why You Should Use Our Event Platform

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Discover, Create & Manage Your Next Event using Brüha’s Event Platform.


Why use our Event Discovery & Ticketing platform? Because we’re not Ticketmaster.


Bruha Event Platform


If you don’t already know, Brüha is a local entertainment and ticketing platform that streamlines the process of finding local things to do and purchasing tickets for upcoming events. It’s your local alternative to discover, create and manage live experiences. And by platform, we mean Website and Mobile Apps (yes, both iOS and Android!)


Our platform is the perfect place for you to keep up to date with what’s happening around you, including all the upcoming Events, as well as any and all the Venues that your friends and other people are checking out. On the flip side, we provide a platform that let’s you create and manage your Events, your Venue and/or your Organization to help you increase awareness, showcase what you have to offer and sell tickets for your next event!


So why should you use or recommend our platform? Here’s why! (other than us not being Ticketmaster, of course).


Free to use


That’s right, we said free. Whether you’re listing your Events, Venues, or Organizations to gain awareness, or just browsing through our Explore pages and Mobile Apps to find entertainment for the weekend, it won’t cost you anything.


A win-win situation? We think so too.


Fees only come into play when you’re buying/selling tickets for upcoming Events.


Bruha Event Platform


More than just Events


We focus on more than just Events (even though we make our money off of ticket sales *cough* *cough*). We’ve realized that there are a ton of Venue owners and Organizations looking to promote and showcase their establishments. On the flip side, we also know that there are a ton of people, like ourselves, who want to explore different Venues in their community like Art Galleries, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants alike without going to an organized Event.


Explore your city and stay connected with others by checking out all of the Events, Venues, and Organizations listed on our Website.


Bruha Event Platform


Diverse Content


DIVERSE Bruha Event Platform


In addition to showcasing Events, Venues, and Organizations, we also take pride in showcasing a very diverse range of content (and maybe not quite like what you see above, but you get the point). Individuals generally have multiple interests and are generally looking for more than one option when looking for things to do. We also know that no two people are the same and interests differ between every individual. For those 2 reasons, we encourage a very diverse range of content to be created and listed on our platform.


We’re not just focused on the music shows and festivals or on the mainstream events. We love to seeing everything from tech and business events to fitness events, launch parties, random social gatherings, etc. Checkout all of our Event, Venue, and Organization listings.


Tickets, Tickets, Tickets


Need to sell tickets for an upcoming event? We’ve got you covered. And for all the Event-Goers out there, that means you can purchase tickets to that music show you’ve been wanting to see, that local Art Event, and even that upcoming Business Networking Event. What’s even better is that we offer some of the best rate fees in the industry! Find more details on our pricing.


Bruha Event Platform Sell Tickets


Community Focus


We know how tough it can be to get your upcoming event in front of an audience. We also know, personally, how challenging it can be to discover and really find out about all the cool local things happening. Because of that, our platform focuses on keeping you connected to your community. That means showcasing the small and medium sized ‘players’ to help showcase and promote what your local community really has to offer.


Sure, word of mouth is good for the odd event here and there. But it would be great if there was a platform that showcases everything happening around you. Wait a minute… Yup, there is!


Bruha Event Platform


About Brüha:

We’re an online entertainment and ticketing platform that keeps you connected to events, venues and organizations within your local community. Brüha’s listing and map-interface will tag events, venue, and organization content as they are geographically located. With the implementation of IBM Bluemix cloud based technology, Brüha’s user experience and unique filtering capabilities make it easy to find specific categories, dates, admission price range, moods and even recommended listings. Whether you are a tourist visiting a new city or a local resident, Brüha provides a one-stop-shop that allows you to stay connected to your city.

Looking to increase awareness for your Venue, Organization, or your next Event? Head over to our website and get started today.

Kristian is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Professional and the Co-Founder, Head of Growth at Brüha. Craft beer, great coffee, and food are his Kryptonite. You'll likely find him on social media or out and about exploring local venues and meeting new people.