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Event Branding 101: Brand Your Event & Increase Exposure

Event Branding 101 Increase Your Awareness

Brand it and increase event attendance


Branding is becoming more and more essential in all aspects of business. Great brands help give consumers and customers an idea of who a company is and what you can expect from them.

With that being said, Events are no exception to this. Investing the time to properly brand your event will help you better reach your targeted audience, increase exposure and ultimately increase attendance.

Seems like a no-brainer when we say it like that, right? Well, unfortunately for most Event Professionals, it’s not.

Don’t think I mean just creating a kick-ass logo and then you’ll be good to go. There’s way more to it than that… Way more! 


To properly create a brand for your event, you should be always thinking about these 4 things: Name, Visuals, Atmosphere (feeling), and your brand Voice.


1) Hello my name is?


One of the first things to consider is a name. You want to select a name that will help your event pop and get people talking about it. A unique name will help create some buzz, but it could also confuse your attendees in understanding what experience to expect when they arrive. This is where your short description and tagline will come into play, helping to alleviate any confusion.


Checkout the below example.


Name: Cattle Drive

Tagline: Country Music & Camping Festival


The tagline is meant to help explain what to expect at your event and will also help to instill trust with your potential attendees.


2) Seeing is believing


One of the best (most fun) parts of planning an event is coming up with the look. When creating visuals you want it to be cohesive so when your potential attendee sees a poster, a social media post, or just your logo, they will know who you are. Again this will add to brand recall and the memorability of the event.


If you’re using a lot of dark colours for all of your posters and then switch it up to using bright pink for your social media posts, that will likely cause a huge disconnect and your customers might get frustrated. They key here is to keep is consistent. 


Note: if you feel your event needs a logo, try and create something simple, and memorable.


Having too many aspects to a logo causes visual noise. Just remember, K.I.S.S.


3) I’ve got a feeling


Your event’s Visuals and Atmosphere go hand in hand. The visuals should be telling a story and instill a sense of emotion with your potential attendees.


When planning your event, you should be paying attention to how you want your event-goers to feel. This includes before the event, at the event, and after the event.


For example, are there vendors at your event? If so, how will your customers move through the event space. Is your demographic suburban housewives? Well then it might not be the best idea to have a Heavy Metal Band playing.


4. Can you hear me?


When I say you need an event voice, this means more than just how your communications are going out to the public. Your brand voice should match and speak to the demographic you are targeting. This means from your advertising, language on visuals, interviews you might be asked to do, MC at the event, what kind of volunteers you are going to have, etc. In a nutshell, everything. 


For example, you wouldn’t get your grandmother to volunteer at a snowboarding slope-style event. Chances are she doesn’t speak the same lingo of the event-goers. Of course, if she does, then she’s definitely one cool grandma! 
So there you go! Using these 4  branding strategies will help you increase your event’s attendance by creating buzz, legitimizing your event in your customer’s eyes, and giving attendees no reason to question what the upcoming event is all about. 


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