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How to Use Promoter For Your Next Event

How to Leverage Promoter for Organizers

Event Organizers, how to use Promoter and when you should consider hiring


Hello world. Promoter is here!


With ticket sale averages in the 40 percentile for small to medium sized events, and the fifty to sixty percentile for larger events and festivals, it is clear that a lot of tickets go unsold each year.


Brüha is here to help! Promoter is a first-of-its-kind program that allows others to sell your tickets for commission. By using Brüha as your ticket provider, you can search and hire Promoters on the platform, and offer them a commission earning for every ticket they sell.


I’ve written a blog that goes into detail on how Promoter works titled Event Organizers & Promoters alike, what you need to know about Brüha’s brand new Promoter. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to start there first.


The need-to-knows


Promoter is available to any event that is selling tickets through Brüha, both big and small. There is no limit to the amount of Promoters you can hire, nor is there a limit on how much to offer them as a commission.


To hire a Promoter, you would select the ticket type(s) you want them to sell, and then you would select the commission % that you’re offering to them for every ticket they sell.


Once a Promoter has accepted an invitation to sell tickets, they are given a unique URL to sell tickets through. You will be able to track all Promoter’s sales via the Manage Promoters tab on your Event Activity page.


Based on the commission you set, you will be paid out your portion of the earnings and the Promoter will be paid theirs. This means that if you give a $5 commission on a $25 ticket, you will earn and be paid out $20 for every sale the Promoter makes.


You also have the opportunity to reach out to them directly if there are any details that needs to be communicated to them.


To Promoter or not to Promoter


Naturally we must ask ourselves, does Promoter make sense for your event?


If you hire a Promoter and offer them, for example, a 20% commission of whatever they sell, on a $25 ticket they earn $5 per sale.


The remaining $20 dollars is going to you. Is it worth losing the $5 per ticket the Promoter sells in order to increase your attendance by 5%..15%…maybe more?


The obvious con is the loss of ticket revenue, there’s no doubt about that. However, there are several pros that might be favourable to you in the long run.


For example, there is an opportunity to get more people into your event that might otherwise not have come, or might not have known about it. This could translate to other opportunities to earn revenue on them including product & vendor sales, food and alcohol purchases, auctions and raffles, and so forth.


A second pro is the opportunity to grow your brand. Whether your a business, or a small team of coordinators, more attendees showing up at your events will undoubtedly have a snowball effect with your own brand awareness. It allows you to establish yourself in the community, and in the minds of patrons, who may be more likely to come again in the following months or year.


Setting the commission


When discussing Promoter with Event Organizers, the piece I can never stress enough is to be sure to incentivize Promoters to want to sell your tickets. Selecting a commission price should ultimately reflect what is the maximum you are willing to pay in order to get extra people into your event who otherwise wouldn’t come, or won’t ever hear about it.


Setting the commission amount can be tricky as you want to make it is enough to incentivize someone to be motivated to sell tickets, but not too much where the risk becomes too great for you based on your own margins.


You are going to know the details of your event. What your overhead costs are, and how much money it’s going to take to 1) recoup the losses, and 2) make a profit (if that is your goal). It also doesn’t hurt to put yourself in the shoes of the Promoter.


Let’s say your tickets are $25, and you are offering a Promoter a 5% commission ($1.25 per ticket they sell). From the Promoter’s perspective, they are going to have to sell an overwhelming amount of tickets in order to make a little bit of money. On top of that, there isn’t enough of a margin for them to offer any kind of discount to their ecosystems in order to encourage people to buy tickets.

It might take a few events to trial and error what are the right margins for commissions, however keep in mind that you can cancel Promoters at any time throughout the ticket selling campaign. This can become a fail safe option for Event Organizers if things ever appear to be getting off track.


Don’t hesitate to reach us directly if you have any follow up questions about hiring Promoters. Email us at info[@], with “Promoter” in the subject line.


Keep up the good fight,

Graeme Davis, CEO


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