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Movember 2017

Hello Movember 2017

Hello Movember. Hello Moustaches.




Hate them or love them, they’re soon to be (if not already) back.


As many of you know, Movember is about to officially kick off and it won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. You know, the month where a good 90% of women can’t wait until it’s over (sometimes I can’t blame them)? Yeah, that one.


If you haven’t yet, then you’ll likely start to see groups of men flocking together this month, all in an effort to grow and sport some sort of upper lip growth that at sometimes might seem questionable at best. I know that I’ll personally be giving it all I have this year and there’s no turning back! If that makes you cringe, just wait until the end of the month to see how bad some of these whiskers are.


All jokes aside, let’s take a quick step back for a moment to remember what Movember actually is and what it really stands for.


What it isn’t


It isn’t a trend. Trends come and go, the seriousness of men’s health initiatives doesn’t. End of story.

It isn’t just a ‘bro culture’. Men’s health and the initiatives behind supporting men’s health affect everyone, not just then men and certainly not just the ‘bros’. Yes, there is definitely a sense of camaraderie among those who participate in Movember, but that’s exactly what makes it a special month and what helps to spread the awareness.

It isn’t just for men. As mentioned above, men’s health can have an impact on everyone, not just the men. Sure, men are the ones growing the moustaches, but that doesn’t mean that women cannot also participate and get involved in Movember.


Here’s what it really is


Movember is a lifestyle and a global movement (just like breast cancer awareness month) that raises awareness about Men’s health initiatives – testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and even mental health issues such as depression. It’s about real men, growing real moustaches, and talking about very real issues that exist. However, like I mentioned above,  it isn’t just for the men to play a role, it’s for anyone and everyone who have men in their lives and who have been affected by these serious health issues.


The vision of Movember is to have an everlasting impact and to help change the face of men’s health.


How can you support Movember?


The Movember Foundation has set out to support men’s health initiative by accepting donations which go towards funding research for treatments and cure, as well as providing information and services for cancer patients and their caregivers.. They provide a lot of facts about the initiatives their supporting such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. They also provide guides, resources and articles to familiarize you with the impacts of these ongoing issues and how we can individually and collectively make an impact to improve men’s health.


Getting involved with them to fundraise and make donations is extremely easy. The best part is that they are transparent with how much money has been raised over the year and where the funds get allocated to.


Here’s a link to our Movember team page: Brüha’s Movember Page 


So now that you’re a bit more familiar with the true meaning and message behind Movember, you should be asking yourself “What isn’t there to love about it?” Let’s also not forget about the moustache and Movember-themed parties. Those are always a great way to spend an evening all while contributing and supporting to a great cause!


Movember Events!


This year, we’ve teamed up with the Millennial Network Group to go above and beyond for our Movember campaign efforts. That includes a ton of events all around building awareness and providing support for Men’s health, such as:


Hamilton Shave off Social on Oct 31st at Architect Hair Design

MNG Brantford Shave off Social on November 1st at Bell City Brewing

MOVE – capture the flag (in Brantford) on November 26th

Movember Afterparty 2.0 (Brantford)  on December 1st at The Polish Hall

Movember Afterparty 2.0 (Hamilton) on December 1st at The Spice Factory

And more!



And for those of you looking to get involved with Movember, here’s your chance to join the Millennial Network Group Movember team!


Movember -2016-Campaign-IconicMo-Logo-Black (1)Long Live The Mo.


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