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Italian Food

New Restaurant Spotlight: The Parm House

New Hamilton restaurant opens its doors!

Matthew GambleMatthew Gamble is a Marketing and Advertising Professional, and proud Hamilton citizen with a love for delicious food and pop culture.

Hamilton has steadily grown to become known as a foodie town. We’ve seen many places restaurants pop-up such as Hambrgr, Saltlick and Mezcal with quite the fanfare. Now, Hamilton has another great restaurant in the mix; The Parm House.

As you might’ve guessed by the name, The Parm House specializes in serving authentic (and quality) Italian cuisine. How authentic? Well, let’s just say that even your Nonna, and your Nonna’s Nonna would approve.

The Parm House is located at 272 Kenilworth Ave North. If you spot the Canadian and Italian flag hanging off the front of the restaurant, then you know you’re at the right place!

The Parm House

The owner Carmen Alfano, Hamilton born and raised, has worked in hospitality and sales for over 15 years. Carmen now branches out and takes on his first ever solo adventure. Between parm-licious sandwiches filled with chicken or the every filling entrees for only $8.99, everyone is sure to find something they’ll enjoy!

And yes, they do deliver!

The Parm House Sandwich

The Parm House Hamilton

For more information about the venue click here, and to see upcoming events at The Parm House click here.

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