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I’m new to Hamilton, where’s the best places to meet people?

I’m new to Hamilton, where’s the best places to meet people? - Bruha Event Marketplace

Written by: Zoocasa


So you moved to the Hammer for a job or for school, and are so far having a great time checking out the scene. But the truth is, you’re kind of lonely. You’d love to have someone to share an espresso with, hike a trail or with whom to go dancing.


The key to meeting friends in a new city is to go somewhere where it’s easy to strike up a conversation – someplace where there’s something to talk about and where you can share laughs over a common experience. Luckily, Hamilton has plenty of venues and events.


Here’s our picks, in no particular order, for the top 5 hotspots in Hamilton to meet new friends:


1. Mulberry Street Coffee House

A great place to meet other health-conscious urbanites. Head to this trendy java joint on a Wednesday when they have live, local music. Cozy up on the couch with an Autumn Fog and  ask the person next to you if they’re enjoying the music. Maybe share a vegan, gluten-free chocolate cupcake or two.


2. Art Gallery of Hamilton

Admission is free to this art gallery the first Friday of every month. Head on a tour of the latest exhibition and stick up a conversation about most intriguing piece of art you see. Sample line: “What do you think the artist was thinking when he or she did ______?”


3. Hamilton’s Farmers market

Head to this century-old farmers market to sample snacks at one of the prepared food stalls. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone with similar culinary tastes, since the market caters to all! From poke, to Indian, to small-batch ice cream this market has it all. We’re not kidding. Even if   you happen to be heat-free, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, corn-free, mustard-free, sesame-free, and sulphite-free, it has Marci’s Bakery for you! Ask someone who bought on of her delicious brownies to tell you where else in town is good for someone with multiple food allergies. Then perhaps schedule a friend date to go sometime.


4. The Corktown Pub

This Irish pub, and the oldest licensed establishment in the city, is perfect to meet fellow-music lovers.  It has plethora of events, from traditional Irish Jams, weekly open mic nights and live bands. Become a regular here and you’re sure to have a solid social group in no time!


5. Serve Ping Pong Bar & Lounge

Ask to play winner in this 10,000 square foot lounge and play space started by four local friends.  A casual sports game is fun a low-pressure way to meet new people. Coupled with nightly drink deals and DJ entertainment, the social opportunities are unlimited. is a real estate website that combines online search tools and a full-service brokerage to empower Canadians to buy or sell their homes faster and more successfully. Buyers can browse Hamilton real estate listings and houses for sale in Hamilton anytime online or on the mobile app.