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Pop Up Hamilton Events: Why You Can’t Miss Them

Pop Up Events - Pop Up Hamilton



Pop up events. We’ve all heard of the them. We’ve all seen them. And it’s very likely that we’ve all experienced one, if not more.


These types of events are more [WAY more] than just a trend. In fact, pop up events have been shaping and redefining the whole event experience over the past who knows how many years. They’re the real deal when it comes to building brand awareness and impressing new audiences. They’re fun, spontaneous, adventurous, creative, and unexpected.


Speaking of pop up events… insert Pop Up Hamilton.


If you live in Hamilton, there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of their events, or even know someone who has personally experienced them.


Pop Up Hamilton is known for transforming local spaces into unforgettable dining experiences, ANYWHERE in the Hamilton area.


There isn’t one event that’s the same as the next. Every location is creatively and carefully selected to match the event’s theme. Every event showcases a different line up of local culinary stars, featuring different dishes and drinks. And of course, the theme for each event is ALWAYS unique.


Pretty amazing if you ask me and definitely something you’ll need to experience yourself.


Here are 5 reasons why you NEED to attend a Pop Up Hamilton event if you haven’t already:


The Food


Pop Up Events - Hamilton FoodPhoto Cred: Pop Up Hamilton


The food at Pop Up Hamilton’s events NEVER disappoint. Each event showcases different local restaurants (their chefs), featuring some of their best theme-inspired dishes.


Some past Chefs have included: Chef Ken LeFebour (Nellie James), Chef Dan Megna (Lake Road Restaurant, Twisted Lemon Restaurant), Chef Paddy Townsend (Rapscallion Rogue Eatery), and Chef Harrison Hennick (Nique Restaurant).


The Drinks


Pop Up Events - Drinks


Because everyone knows that a great dining experience should always be accompanied with amazing drinks. Pop Up Hamilton always does a great job of including award-winning Ontario wineries and local craft breweries. The key ingredient here? Well, local, of course.


The Venue


Pop Up Events - Hamilton Venue (1)Photo Cred: Pop Up Hamilton


This is probably one of the most exciting components of Pop Up Hamilton’s events. The venue selection always fits the event’s theme and takes place in a location that you wouldn’t even imagine could be used for a dining experience.


Here’s something cool about the location; it’s always kept as a top secret until 48 hours of the event starting. Very clever; it keeps everyone guessing in anticipation, building up that much more excitement leading up to the event.


The People


Pop Up Event - The PeoplePhoto Cred: Pop Up Hamilton


The winning recipe in all of this, aside from the actual recipes themselves, would be the people. Everyone is there for the exact same reasons: To celebrate and taste local cuisine, enjoy a few drinks, and to create unforgettable moments.


The Experience


Pop Up Event - ExperiencePhoto Cred: Pop Up Hamilton


It’s not just about how you feel at the event, it’s also how you feel when it’s all said and done! From the food and drinks to the pop up location and people, Pop Up Hamilton always does an incredible job delivering an unforgettable experience.


Pop Up Hamilton’s next event, Pop Up: Buena Vista, is taking place Sep 23rd, 2017 and will be featuring Papa Leo’s, Jonny Blonde Kitchen, Pokeh, CandiWerx, Relay Coffee, along with wine/craft beer pairings, live entertainment and more!


Tickets for Pop Up Hamilton’s Luau are officially available on our website.


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