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  • Rock Shows, Magic and why trusting your gut is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE ALWAYS

Rock Shows, Magic and why trusting your gut is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE ALWAYS

Rock Shows, Magic, Fun Adventures


Rock Shows, Magic and why trusting your gut is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE ALWAYS


Hello my friends! I’d like to share with you an experience that I recently had before, during and after a show at the Silver Dollar Room, a music venue in Toronto set to close its doors for good this Spring.


I had purchased tickets weeks in advance to the Julien Barbagallo show on a complete whim. The event on Facebook read “Julien Barbagallo of Tame Impala at the Silver Dollar” and without any further thought I purchased four tickets. Why the hell not, he’s an adorable shaggy haired French man, I like Tame Impala alright and I may never get to the Silver Dollar again!


I figured, that out of this completely intuitive purchase I might write a blog post for this very site based on the connection between music, magic and trusting your instincts. For those of you who have read some of my stuff already, I have a podcast called Muses and Stuff. My co-host and I tell the stories and speak to the women who are legendary music muses and Super Groupies. What my co-host Lynx and I are discovering more and more is the absolute divine power and mystical madness of these women and the deep correlation between magic and music. As a matter of fact, we interviewed tarot reader, psychic, electo psychokineses experiencer, healer and belly dancer, Pleasant Gehman. She was also a friend and lover to Iggy Pop and Billy Idol, to name a few. In a few weeks time we will have on our show, Miki, one of the most highly regarded Mediums of our time to delve in deeper and deeper and deeper into the rock and roll crystal ball…


Where were we? Oh yes, the night of the rock show! I knew that I was going to write SOMETHING about instincts and intuition and so decided to NOT listen to ANY of the bands (including Julien’s project) beforehand and go into everything completely blind. My sister in law listened to his music a few days before and asked me “Are you suuuuure you don’t want to know anything about it? Okayyyyy, but I’ll just say you’re going to enjoy it”…  She was right. But let’s back up a bit.


I met my sister in law and let’s call him, one of my “sweeties” at my brother’s house so that we could all go together. It was a Thursday night so for those who had to take it easy because of work the next day, only one glass of wine was allowed before the show! When we were about ready to leave, a cool 9:30- an uber was called and away we went. Now, I did NOT think that my “trust your gut always” story was going to start here. I simply thought it was going to be how your feelings and intuition can guide you to sweet and pleasurable experiences. How you should push yourself to get to the venue early so that you can experience all of the bands, because it’s actually COOL to be there to support as many as you can instead of showing up fashionably late for the headliner.


This uber ride was ANYTHING but sweet and pleasurable. It was terrifying. I do not recall the last time I feared for my life, and for the first time in a long time my fight or flight instincts kicked in.


The first thing that happens every time I get into the uber after exchanging pleasantries is a request for the radio station to be changed to The Boom, which is either 97.3, 91.3 or is it 93.7? I can never remember and this usually isn’t a problem. But with this guy, everything seemed to be a problem. To confirm our destination for the night, he began by simply yelling at us until we checked on our phones that we did indeed give him the correct address. After settling in with our radio station of choice, the upbeat nature of the station couldn’t cut the psycho-killer tension with a knife. The car smelled clean. Like, TOO clean. Like, disinfectant to the MAX clean. I started getting scared, I didn’t like the way he was driving, and my sister-in-law and I both agreed that the drink from the water bottle he was furiously ingesting did not look or smell like water. And then, it was the way he was looking at me. My sweetie was to my left and my sister to my right and my sweetie was just blah-blah-blahing as he DIDN’T have to work the next day and thus was feeling pretty good, but with a significant dulling of his spidy senses.


Did I mention that I did NOT like the way that this man was looking at me? It wasn’t good. It wasn’t okay. Can I perfectly explain what it was about his eyes that made me tense up and my adrenaline start to kick in? Nope. Do I feel the need to explain my fear? Nope, because you don’t have to explain when something doesn’t feel right, you just have to get THE FUCK out of there. So I said loudly, cutting off my sweetie “Can you pull over? Pull over right now, this is fine”. The driver said: “You changed your mind?!?” And before the car was even at a complete stop, I was reaching for the door almost pushing my sister out as the driver yelled at me “What, you don’t like me?!” Nope. No. You know what I like? My life. We were only about half way to our destination and it took almost the entire walk (about 25 minutes) to the venue to shake off what the HELL just happened. My friends- please, if something is telling you that something isn’t right, you have to listen to yourself. And for a night where I specifically told myself to let the little voice guide, I would have been a fool not to listen.


When we arrive to the venue, I knew after that harrowing experience that I would need to get some positivity out of the night. And I did! Before I settle in to watch a band I always like to take a lap around almost every venue I’m in. I like to see who’s there, feel the vibe, fix my lipstick in the bathroom and get a feel of the room. By the time I took my lap, my sister and my sweetie had gotten us our second and last drinks of the night and were standing watching the band. There was someone standing just behind and beside my sister, where I was set to stand and wouldn’t you know it, it was Mr. Julien Barbagallo himself! And he looked even cuter than in the poster! I introduced myself quickly and shook his hand with my cold and still kind of wet hand (I’m too impatient for air dryers). The night was looking up!


The band who played before, a trio called Stairwell were great and my sweetie and I both agreed that the most enjoyable part was watching the drummer enjoy himself so thoroughly! Back to that sweet and pleasurable experience I was after!


Then it was time for Julien Barbagallo’s band to play. They were a bunch of cuties in turtlenecks and a beautiful babe in a black and white striped shirt (how French!) who played the synth, bass and acoustic guitar, respectively. Julien was on drums and vocals. About 30 seconds into their first song, I turned to my sister and yelled about my delightful discovery: “It’s FRENCH!!” She nodded and said “It’s ALL FRENCH!” As two Franco-Ontarians, we were very pleased indeed! Not to mention the English/ French stage banter, song introductions and proclamations of “Thank music for bringing us together!” which was totally adorable.


Speaking of adorable, there were some hard-core fans there! Two young men beside me at the front were having their minds blown by Julien’s drumming. “It’s immaculate!” I overheard them say. Once the show was finished, cutie fans immediately lined up to buy merch and get autographs. I took this opportunity to steal Therese and Francoise (bass and synth) and take their photo in the bathroom. We had a little chat, I spoke in French, they spoke in English, no one really understood each other, but there was a whole lot of giggling happening.


Once we were finished that, there was one boy left in line at the merch table ready to talk to Julien and get to have his set list signed. Julien didn’t have a pen and all I had was lipstick. Julien said that he could sign in lipstick and I suggested he just put it on and sign the guest list with a smooch. He suggested that maybe “you would like to do dat”, and so I put on lipstick for the first time that night and smooched the set list for the sweet young fan.


On our ride home, I suggested that we take a taxi this time. While chatting about the night, I told me sister and sweetie “by the way… I know where the after party is!” I had been given the name of the bar where Julien would be DJing and the band would be hanging out. But, I was there with someone that night, and so this doesn’t turn out how your typical Groupie story might. I got something better to cap it off. I had been reading about cervical orgasms all week! So, I went home and had a cervical orgasm for the first time. It was sweet and pleasurable, and it was all because I trusted my instincts!


You can find me online here:

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You can find Julien Barbagallo here:


And you can learn how to have cervical orgasms (and so much more) by checking out Layla Grant at:




Chanty loves making new friends. From her humble roots growing up in Northern Ontario, she went on a quest for love and friendship around the world and wound up knee deep in the hoopla that is Rock and Roll.

She has lived and rocked out in Peterborough, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia before travelling to Nepal and Europe to practice yoga, make lifelong pals, climb some mountains and live in an Art Haus. She currently resides in Toronto.

You can listen to Chanty’s podcast Muses and Stuff on iTunes.



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