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Brüha is your local entertainment and ticketing platform that streamlines the process of finding local things to do and purchasing tickets. We make it easy for you to find local experiences by exploring Events, Venues & Organizations near you.
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Oktoberfest Event 2016

The Best Oktoberfest Events Happening in Southern Ontario

The Top Oktoberfest Events in Southern Ontario This Year The embodiment and symbolic icons of any and every great Oktoberfest: Beers (biers if you speak the language), sausages, pretzels, and lederhosen. Sound familiar to you? Then chances are that you’ve had at least one, if not more experiences with an Oktoberfest event. Prost to that!…

HIVEX 2016

HIVEX 2016: Hamilton’s YP Networking Conference

Hamilton HIVE’s HIVEX 2016 Conference: Engage Every year, Hamilton HIVE (Hamilton’s go-to resource and network empowering emerging leaders and young professionals) hosts an annual networking conference that aims to connect young professionals and help them to establish/refine both their soft and technical skills. Coming up on it’s sixth year, HIVEX 2016, will take place on…

Bruha-Event Platform-iOS (1)

Here’s Why You Should Use Our Event Platform

Discover, Create & Manage Your Next Event using Brüha’s Event Platform.   Why use our Event Discovery & Ticketing platform? Because we’re not Ticketmaster.     If you don’t already know, Brüha is a local entertainment and ticketing platform that streamlines the process of finding local things to do and purchasing tickets for upcoming events. It’s your local…