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The 10 Best Live Music Venues in Hamilton

Music Venues in Hamilton


From ‘Steel City’ to the ‘Ambitious City’ and the land of the Arts. In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, there’s a lot of great things happening in ‘The Hammer’ (one more for ya) these days.


Hamilton is a thriving, creative, eclectic music scene and a major player in the Canadian music industry. With that being said, it should come as no surprise, there’s some pretty amazing Music Venues that always have us coming back for one more show. Well… here they are (in alphabetical order)!


1. Artword Artbar (15 Colbourne St.)


A cozy, small (at about a capacity of 60 people) venue on Colbourne St just off of James North, Artword Artbar is Artword Artbar is a fully licensed listening room and intimate space always featuring entertaining and interesting live music. Artword Artbar is one of the few places in Hamilton where you can always expect to see a great live Jazz performance in an intimate setting.


Artword Artbar Venue in Hamilton
Photo Cred: Artword Artbar


2. Casbah Lounge, The (306 King St West)


The Casbah has become a flagship club venue on the Canadian Touring circuit, and a local favourite for both the artists and the music fans. The venue has also taken a leap into the world of ‘craft beer’, departing from the corporate brands and nurturing the beer more directly associated to the music the venue books…the independent product. Situated right next door to The Strathcona, makes it more than easy to grab a good bite, have a few cocktails and listen to some great live music all in one night.


Music Venues in Hamilton The CasbahPhoto Cred: @therealjabone


3. Club Absinthe (38 King William)


This Venue often shifts between a nightclub, live music venue, and a special events space.. but don’t let that stop you from coming (if anything it should make you come more often!). The atmosphere this place breathes is unbelievable and you’ll notice that the downstairs usually consists of DJ’s spinning sets, while the main floor is where the live music lives! Oh yeah.. and don’t forget about those Motown Wednesday!


Music Venues in Hamilton - AbsinthePhoto Cred: @jer2929


4. Corktown Pub (175 Young St)


Corktown Pub is Hamilton’s oldest licensed establishment and live music venue. For more than 80 years the Corktown has played host to local and international talent. The venue is known for its Irish theme, pub grub menu & full calendar of music events.


Music Venues in Hamilton - CorktownPhoto Cred: @lisawiebe


5. First Ontario Centre (101 York Blvd)


First Ontario Centre, infamously still known as Copps Coliseum, is Hamilton’s largest entertainment Venue and one of North America’s premier entertainment Venues. First Ontario Centre houses a variety of spectacular concerts and sporting events each year.


FirstOntario Music Venues in HamiltonPhoto Cred: @atthecore


6. Gallagher’s Bar and Lounge (171 John St South)


There’s 2 things that locals crave when it comes to Gallagher’s: the food, and the music. The rugged atmosphere of this venue mixed with a steady alternation between DJ nights and live bands always counts for something different but brilliant every time you step in the door. What more can we say.. patio seating, great drinks, amazing entertainment, and of course (one more time) the food!


Music Venues in Hamilton - GallaghersPhoto Cred: @gallagherslounge


7. Hamilton Place Theatre (10 MacNab St S)


The Hamilton Place Theatre, also known as the Ronald V. Joyce Centre for the Performing Arts, is an internationally recognized venue known for its outstanding acoustics. Located centrally in Hamilton, the venue has been one of the city’s best known cultural attractions alongside The Art Gallery of Hamilton and the surrounding architecture. Hamilton Place features concerts, comedy acts, conferences, dance performance and live theatre year round.


Music Venues in Hamilton - Hamilton PlacePhoto Cred: @mattmolchen


8. The Pearl Company (16 Steven St.)


An arts and performance facility in the heart of the Landsdale neighbourhood in Hamilton, The Pearl Company is home to many great live music experiences. The Pearl Company has also launched a number of arts initiatives, including the ARTBus, the Opus Mundi Festival, numerous musical events, art openings, a number of theatre festivals, a script development series of workshops, and two outdoor festivals. A large part of their mandate is to present work that is multi-cultural, socially aware, politically engaged, and connected to Hamilton’s diverse communities.


9. This Ain’t Hollywood (345 James St North)


Chances are if you’ve checked out a live music gig in Hamilton, you’ve been to This Ain’t Hollywood. The venue is one of the most reputable music venues in the City and built its foundation around maintaining a strong rock and roll/punk presence. The venue is without a doubt a fav stop for both locals and performers who always create a night an incredible atmosphere and an unforgettable experience.


Music Venues in Hamilton - This Aint (1)Photo Cred: @this_aint_hollywood


10. Zyla’s  (299 James St North)


Looking for a music venue where you can enjoy a nice meal while experiencing an intimate music gig? Then Zyla’s is definitely place your. It’s also the perfect setting for escaping those large overly crowded venues. And speaking about food.. well, that’s just something you’ll need to indulge in yourself.


Zylas Music Venues in HamiltonPhoto Cred: Zyla’s (Facebook Page)


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