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The Best Things To Do At A Midsummer’s Dream 2016

A Midsummer's Dream

A Midsummer’s Dream is Ontario’s premier colour festival that takes place in Hamilton, ON each year towards the end of August. This festival is happening this year on Saturday, August 20th at its usual Venue location, Gage Park. One of the goals for this year is bigger and better. You can expect to see upwards of 10,000+ attendees throughout the day and a ton of available entertainment, both new and returning from the previous years.

Here are the best things to do at this year’s A Midsummer’s Dream colour festival:

1. Colour Throws


Photography Source: A Midsummer’s Dream

A Midsummer’s Dream is inspired by the ancient Hindu Festival Holi, a spring festival, also known as the festival of colours. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many people a festive day to meet others, play, laugh, forget, forgive, and repair broken relationships. The colours (and throwing them) signify diversity and unification, creating something amazing.

2. YogaFest


Photography Source: YogaFest

YogaFest will be returning this year to A Midsummer’s Dream. Free yoga classes and workshops will be hosted and provided by local instructors from various studios throughout Hamilton. Come out and become part of a world you only thought existed in your mind. At YogaFest, dynamic teams of people come together to create a magical environment separate from everyday society. Experience all day yoga, healthy food sand creative arts. Become aware of the positive effects of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

3. Temple of Creativity

temple of creativity

Photography Source: A Midsummer’s Dream

This is the part where you are the artist, curator and canvas at A Midsummer’s Dream. Feeling adventurous? Wander into the euphoric D.I.Y. craft culture world, curated by The Hamilton Art Scene. Materials will be supplied for you to enhance and shape your dreaming experience. Create your own masterpiece, and live in your own world, where you create whatever you like directly from your imagination.

4. Food Vendors

Worried about getting a little hungry and needing a break from the main festival? No worries. There will be various local food vendors carrying an assortment of foods, drinks, and deserts to help you replenish just in time for you to get back to all the action!

5. The Dreaming Church

7-11-2016 2-28-55 PM

Photography Source: A Midsummer’s Dream

Have a little special someone in mind that you want to unofficially marry? We thought so. The dreaming church offers a place and a space where you can marry your friends on August 20th. And don’t worry, you won’t need to stress out about finding the perfect ring, unless you really want to.

6. Live Music 

What would any great festival be without a dose of live music of course. Returning again this year, the iconic bandshell at Gage Park will be the centre piece of A Midsummer’s Dream. In addition to local acts, word on the street is that an Open Mic Stage will be taking place this year. Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled for all of the upcoming details.


Photography Source: A Midsummer’s Dream

Whatever you’re reason for attending this year’s A Midsummer’s Dream will be, you just can’t go wrong. From the colour throws and the food, to the live music and YogaFest, there’s something for everyone. Your fate on August 20th now rests in your own hands. Get your festival gear ready, call up your crew and get ready to join the #DreamingTribe.

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