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The 5 Best Tactics To Increase Ticket Sales (& Awareness) For Your Next Event

5 things you need to do to increase event attendance and ticket sales - Bruha


The 5 Best Organic Tactics To Increase Ticket Sales.


We know all too well how difficult it can be when it comes to marketing your event(s) and getting the ball rolling with ticket sales.


While it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of planning the back-end logistics (you know the fun licensing, permits, rentals, vendors, staff, volunteers, etc..), you’ll always need to prioritize your strategy and plan for selling tickets.


Luckily for you, we’re in a very unique vantage point where we have a bird’s eye view on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling tickets.


Through our own observation and research, here are 5 of the best tactics that will get you more ticket sales like you’ve been dreaming of. And yes, dreams to come true.


1 | Build an email list and use it


Creating an email list and regularly using it is hands down one of the most effective organic tactics that will help you sell more tickets.


Whether it’s past attendees from a previous event or interested guests for an upcoming event, they’ll likely want to hear from you again as a way to stay informed and up to date.


Just remember, these individuals on your list have already shown some sort of commitment, so don’t be shy to show them that you appreciate their interest.


One of the biggest hurdles that we’ve seen is simply not knowing where to start. There’s no shame in that at all.


In fact, there are MANY different ways to go about starting to build an email list if you don’t have one yet. Chances are that if you’ve hosted an event in the past, you’ll have a list of attendees – this means names and email addresses, an easy start. Take that list, create a MailChimp account, add them to a list and there you go!


Another great tool that you can use, adding to your website, to help build your list is through Aiva, allowing you to add widgets, forms and pop ups.


At Bruha, we provide you with the tools to keep track of who’s attending your event. With this comes the ability to export emails from the platform, where you can then import to a larger list or repository.


Remember, it’s not the size of the list, it’s how you use it that counts. Well, size also counts.. don’t let them fool you.


Personal Tip: I highly recommend sending a personalized thank-you or recap email about 1-3 days after your event has ended, asking for feedback and mentioning that you’re looking forward to seeing them at your next event. You’ll be surprised how far this can go.


Bruha Event Management - Exporting Options For Emails


2 | Local Promoters


A tried and true tactic that is probably one of the most repeatable methods of success is utilizing local Promoters.


You’re probably wondering who and what a Promoter is? The answer is anyone and everyone, as cliche as that may come across. Individuals with a social following and local influence, blogs and publications and even local businesses can be classified as promoters – that’s one of the best parts of it.


While traditionally popular in the music, festival and nightclub verticals, the use promoters (micro-influencers, even) has extend beyond these categories and has become quite popular across all types of events. Technology related events, health and wellness, spiritual events, you name it.


Promoters demonstrate the power of influence and how strength in numbers really does hold true.


At Bruha, we’re proud to present Promoter, the first-ever tool that directly connects event organizers to local event promoters.


Bruha Event Management - Active Promoters


3 | Get direct, spark real conversations


Key word here and the part that sells is real.


There’s just something about having a direct method of contact (from a trusted source, being yourself) that just can’t be beat. When people trust you and respect you, they’ll listen to you and value what you have to say.


Having a direct conversation with someone is really about making it personally engaging, providing relevant context (about your event and why you’d like to see them there), and of course being willing to take the time and tell them that you appreciate them and their presence.


Again, this can be a tough one for many people to get started on because either it’s “too time consuming” or you’re afraid of annoying people. Time consuming, yes. Annoying? Well, if you take the right approach you can avoid that.


Here’s a simple way to get started: Create a list of 10-50 so-called friends and close acquaintances, draft some sort of general messaging and start s conversation with them one by one. This could be a phone call, text, Facebook message, Instagram message, you name it.


4 | Using Facebook to drive interest and updates


If you’re hosting an event and you haven’t created a Facebook event page, you’re seriously missing out.


If you’ve heard this one time and time again, it’s because it works. Seriously.


Facebook can play a massive role in sparking that initial interest for your event and eventually resulting in individuals attending your event(s).


But how? By following these simple steps (below).


Create an event page for your upcoming event on Facebook, add the necessary details needed, invite as many targeted “friends” as possible and make consistent posts and updates on the event page discussion area. When someone selects either ‘interested’ or ‘going’, they’ll get a notification from you every time you make those updates.


Just let that marinate for a bit. Now it’s time to make that Facebook event page.


Personal tips: Always be sure to include ALL of the details, add co-hosts, add the ticket link, and post regular, valuable updates consistently.


5 | Partner up, collaborate and make it count


Often overlooked for many reasons, partnering up for events and even hosting events in collaboration can yield significant results when it comes to driving ticket sales and brand equity.


Ultimately this comes down to strength in numbers, diversification or risk and responsibilities, and being able to support one another and leverage existing networks.


The key thing to keep in mind here is to work towards common goals and work off one another’s strengths to create cool and unique experiences.


And remember that when it comes to selling tickets it’s everyone’s responsibility who plays a role as a collaborator. The expectations might not be equal across the board, but everyone needs to play their part.


Well, there you have it.


Those are 5 of the best organic tactics we’ve been able to observe and identify over the years when it comes to selling tickets. If you’re not already using all five of them, now’s the time to start!


Until next time,


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Kristian is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Professional and the Co-Founder, Head of Growth at Brüha. Craft beer, great coffee, and food are his Kryptonite. You'll likely find him on social media or out and about exploring local venues and meeting new people.