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  • The Ultimate Craft Beer Passport: Bringing $2 Craft Beers to Hamilton and Toronto

The Ultimate Craft Beer Passport: Bringing $2 Craft Beers to Hamilton and Toronto

The Ultimate Craft Beer Passport - Bruha Events


Craft Beer Passport App Brings $2 Craft Beers To Hamilton


Over the past year and a bit, Hamilton’s craft beer scene has undoubtedly exploded!


And if you’re a craft beer drinker/lover like myself, then you’ll love this!


The new Craft Beer Passport app (which happens to be available now on iOS and Android) gives beer lovers an exciting and affordable new way to explore Hamilton’s burgeoning craft beer scene. The app offers a suite of features to help you discover Hamilton’s best local bars, breweries and beers.

Just by visit any of the participating establishments (10+ in Hamilton, 50+ in Toronto) on your Passport you’ll be rewarded with a 12oz craft beer for only $2 (Ontario’s legal minimum price!) and a digital ‘stamp’ left by your server to prove that you really went the distance!
The app’s custom map makes it easy to find the next closest stop, the best route to your favourite bar or brewery, or to plan an evening bar crawl through parts of town you rarely get to visit. Using the map, Passport holders can rest assured that delicious and affordable craft beer is always just a few minutes away, wherever they might be.

The Craft Beer Passport app also introduces flexible payment plans which are good for a single night out, a weekend jaunt or a full summer of craft beer discovery! Users can choose from either a 3 Stamps, 10 Stamps or All Stamps plan.


-3 Stamps/$5 (3-month expiration)

-10 Stamps/$10 (3-month expiration)

-All Stamps/$30 (6-month expiration)
With Spring approaching, the Craft Beer Passport inspires beer lovers to explore Hamilton’s various neighborhoods, while supporting independent bars and the brewers of Ontario craft beer.

Some of the participating establishments in Hamilton include:

Big Tobacco
Clifford Brewing
Collective Arts Brewing
Fairweather Brewing
Grain & Grit Beer Co.
Merit Brewing
Mulberry Coffeehouse
Nique Restaurant
Rust City Brewery
Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.
The Capitol Bar


The Craft Beer Passport app is FREE to download:



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