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What You Need to Know About Promoter

Bruha Promoter - Everything You Need to Know About Promoters Selling Tickets

Event Organizers & Promoters alike, here’s what you need to know about Brüha’s brand new Promoter.


Here at Brüha, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you a world’s first, Promoter.


As is the case with any new platform unleashed onto the world, there are going to be a lot of questions. To add to that, it is the finer details of Promoter that we believe make it such a powerful tool.


I’m here to run through with you what Promoter is, and how Promoter can make you more money!


How it works:


Let’s start right from the top: Brüha allows Event Organizers to search and hire local Promoters who then sell tickets and earn commission from each sale. Event Organizers send out invites to Promoters to sell tickets for their event, and the Event Organizer also sets the commission Promoter’s earn off of each sale.


Promoters then have the option to accept or decline the invite (Promoters receive invites via email and on the Brüha account).When accepting to sell tickets for an event, the Promoter is given a unique URL (can be accessed via their Brüha dashboard). Any sales funnelled through the URL will count towards the Promoter’s commission.


For Event Organizers, this is a great opportunity to connect and hire local folks, businesses and/or influencers who can turn around and sell their tickets to their personal networks and ecosystems.


For Promoters, this can be a great side hustle to earn extra cash, or an opportunity to get discounted tickets for friends. Let me expand a little more on this point…


Discounting ticket prices


One of the features of being a Promoter is that you can discount tickets that you’ve accepted to sell.


For example, let’s say a local food & drink festival is giving you $5 for every $25 ticket you sell. You can choose to either collect the full $5 as your commission earnings, or you can choose to discount your tickets up to $5. This can either help incentivize people to buy through you, or can be used to give your friends a discount to local events!


It’s important for Promoters to know that:

1) you can only discount a ticket within the bounds of your commission earnings (20% commission = 20% max discount), and
2) the discount eats into your commission earnings, meaning the more you discount the less cash you earn.


Selling tickets


With respect to Promoters selling tickets, there are no upfront costs and you get to accept or decline what events you will sell tickets for. There are no set quantity of tickets you must sell, the way it works is that if you’re invited to sell tickets for a local festival, for example, you can sell as many or as little until that ticket type is sold out.


Event Organizers can cancel Promoters at any time, although do so wisely while keeping in mind that you may want these same Promoters selling for your future events.


Promoters are going to spend time and resources to drum up awareness for your event. If you suddenly cut them off from selling tickets, especially before they’ve had an opportunity to see the fruits of their labour come to fruition (oh the fruit puns..), you may have a group of upset Promoters on your hands. Additionally, these Promoters might not be so inclined to help you out on your next event.


Always consider the bigger picture before cancelling Promoters, and trust the process!


Types of events who can use Brüha


When we had started Brüha, it was important to the mission statement of our company to include a diverse range of event types and live experiences on the platform. Today,  we have quite the variety of events that are selling tickets through Brüha (trust me, we’ve seen it all).


Promoters can expect invites from a range of events including music shows, food & drink festivals, shopping events, gala’s, health and wellness events & workshops, film festivals, networking events, expos… and the list goes on.


Promoters are open to any event selling tickets on Brüha, and for Event Organizers who are considering whether or not Promoter makes sense for their event, check out a recent blog I wrote on How to leverage Promoter for your next event.



Well, that’s all for now. If you have any questions regarding Promoter – reach out to us directly at info[@] with “Promoter” in the subject line.


Stay classy,

Graeme Davis, CEO


About Brüha:

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