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YogaFest 2016: The Essentials

Yoga Fest Gage Park

The Essential Must-Bring Items For YogaFest 2016.

YogaFest is a non-profit organization that strives to inspire yoga and conscious living. YogaFest provides an all-day yoga festival taking place each year (returning for its second year on August 20th) in collaboration with A Midsummer’s Dream colour festival at Gage Park in Hamilton, ON. The festival creates a space for self expression and self realization, a space where all are welcome to be themselves.


YogaFest Hamilton

Photography Credit: YogaFest

Like all great festivals and events, there’s always a checklist of must-haves to bring each year.

You’re probably wondering: What should I be bringing to this year’s YogaFest? 

Rest assured. We’ve got you covered for this one.

So if you’re serious about YogaFest and having a great time, here’s what you’ll need to get the most out of your experience:

Yoga Mat

Because what would a good yoga session be without your yoga mat? All attendees participating in classes and sessions this year are expected to bring their own mats. It just makes it easier for everyone in the long haul of things. Not to mention that the serious Yogi’s can be a little particular about their mats! But hey, you can’t blame them.

Yoga Props 

In addition to your yoga mat, any blocks, straps and other yoga props that you feel like bringing might come in handy for some of the classes.

Water Bottle

Hydration is key, it’s also great for your health. Keep in mind that you’ll be practicing yoga outside in the middle of the day, so having some water on hand will definitely help cool you off and prevent you from overheating. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. Hydration stations will be available around the park throughout the day so bring your own refillable water bottle. The festival is also trying their best to minimize any waste and be as eco-friendly as possible!

“Moisture is the essence of wetness and wetness is the essence of beauty” – Zoolander

Comfortable Clothing

Keep in mind that YogaFest takes place in collaboration with A Midsummer’s Dream colour festival. With that being said, half of the park will be filled with festival attendees throwing lots of coloured chalk so it’s best to leave your brand new clothes at home. On top of that, you’ll be participating in yoga classes and sessions, so you’ll want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when striking a pose for the camera!

Smile and an Open Heart

Open your mind and open your heart, to the endless possibilities that will come from this experience. Show up with no expectation, other than fully knowing that this is all for your highest, and greatest good! Release your fears of the unknown, leave your ego at the door, don’t judge, just breathe, just be.

Registration to YogaFest is free & includes local business vendors, the creative arts space, live music performances, & the youth space. If you’re interested in buying the all day pass that includes all day Yoga classes, Zen lounge workshops & a closing ceremony presented by David Hickey & Soul Movement click here.

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